Hario Buono Copper Pouring Kettle 900 mL

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Copper kettle on gas stove

Lustrous Beauty

The Hario Buono Copper Kettle's eye-catching beauty quickly becomes the focal point of any coffee setup or countertop. Its timeless copper design is not only the epitome of luxury, but also the depiction of durability. Its bold exterior is accompanied by a nickel finished interior. In effort to maintain the kettle's lustrous beauty and prevent off-tastes, it is coated in a clear lacquer. The wooden accent knob on top of the lid beautifully compliments the natural tones of the copper. The Buono Kettle, especially paired with the Copper V60 dripper, will capture the attention of guests and customers alike thanks to its elegant and unique charm.

Copper Kettle on gas stove

Precise Pours and Unbeatable Comfort

The slimmer and more refined gooseneck spout of the Buono Copper Kettle offers additional control over pours by adding precision and flow control. This precision produces a more even saturation thus a more balanced and complex brew. The kettle's brass handle has a unique curvature designed for optimal comfort while pouring. A removable silicone sleeve lines the handle to restrict heat and prevent burns while providing additional cushioning during pours. Providing utility and beauty, the Buono Copper Kettle makes a bold statement amongst its competition.

Copper kettle on gas stove

Phenomenal Functionality

Hario's Buono Copper Kettle has a capacity of .9L — providing more than enough hot water for brews, but small enough to heat quickly. It is compatible with a variety of heating elements including gas, electric, radiant, halogen, and sheathed, however it is not compatible with induction burners. Although it does not come with a built in thermometer, the holes in the lid meant to release steam are compatible with Hario Digital Thermometer for Buono Kettles, which slip easily into the holes.

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    Copper Kettle

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    Gooseneck spout for precise pours

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    Copper exterior and nickel interior finish

More Features

900 mL capacity

Clear-coated to prevent tarnishing and eliminate off-tastes

Contoured brass handle with silicone cover

Natural wood knob

Suitable for stovetop use, but not induction burners


Width:12 inches
Height:6 inches
Depth:5 inches
Weight:1 lb
Material:Copper/Brass/Natural Wood
Capacity700 mL

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