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The question often arises, "What is the most important piece of coffee equipment to invest in?" Our first response is always the same, "A good grinder." If you're interested in using a pour over brewing method our second response is just as sure: "A good kettle." Flow control and flow rate play a vital role in the ability to properly brew a cup of manually brewed coffee. Too high of a flow rate can rush the brew and create unneeded turbulence against the grounds which can lead to overextraction. Too little flow control can lead to an uneven brew bed resulting in irregular extraction. Alongside our Hario Buono Kettle, we're happy to introduce a second kettle option: The Kalita Wave Pot Kettle.


The Kalita Wave Kettle is designed with precision pouring in mind. The dapper look of the kettle, comprised of a high finish stainless steel and wooden handle, can distract from it's brilliant design. One look at the end of the spout shows the care and detail put into a Kettle crafted for pour over brewing. In comparison to the Hario Buono Kettle, the Kalita Wave Pot Kettle raises the bar on temperature stability and pour control. While the Wave Pot Kettle contains less volume than the Buono (1 L in comparison to the Buono’s 1.6L), it tops the Buono in weight (460g to the Buono’s 420g). This difference in weight can be partially contributed to a thicker stainless which should aid in temperature stability. The Wave Kettle also features a beautiful pour spout which produces a slow flow rate and incredible amount of control.

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10/31/2018 1:49:47 PM

5 / 5 stars

Intuitive and precise pour control.

Sturdily built, yet very light kettle. Maintains a fairly consistent temperature throughout the entire brew time. Most importantly, the control over the pour is very intuitive. You can pour fast for high agitation of the coffee or slow and steady. The only possible downside to the kettle is the wooden handle, making it harder to clean without ruining the wooden polish. However this has never been an actual issue for me, as I personally only cleaned the kettle when it came straight out of the box. In my opinion, the high price tag is well worth it for what you get. And I have a hard time seeing myself upgrading or replacing it anytime soon.

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12/3/2017 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Very good product, trust prima

Very good product, trust prima wont sell fake item compare to other website outhere

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1/15/2014 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Beauty and Functionality

Highly recommended: while it isn't essential to use a pouring kettle to make excellent "pour-over" coffee, it makes it infinitely easier to reproducibly prepare your brew. With the Kalita Wave Kettle you will get both a consistent and gentle stream of water, with pleasing aesthetics. Transfer of just off-the-boil water to the kettle, cools it down to the temperature range I like for optimum brewing(195-200 degrees),while the wooden handle stays cool to the touch. The kettle has nice heft when it is empty, but does not feel too heavy when filled with hot water, making it easy to control the water flow, åÊfrom a steady but soft stream, all the way down to a trickle. With the Kalita kettle, a Skerton grinder and V60, you can produce the filter coffee of your dreams.

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7/3/2014 12:00:00 AM

3 / 5 stars

Kalita Wave Kettle Review

The kettle's build quality was great. My issue with it was ergonomics. The angled handle did not feel right to me so I decided to exchange it.

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