A Comparison of Pour Over Brewing Kettles

A Comparison of Pour Over Brewing Kettles

Mar 29th 2023 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

A gooseneck kettle is more than a statement piece, it's an essential accessory for many manual brewing methods. The right kettle can make a significant difference in your cup, not to mention the overall user experience. The long, slender spout offers increased control over flow-rate and adds an extra level of precision to your brew. At Prima, we've cultivated an offering of top-notch kettles for the professional and novice alike, from simple stove-top models to precision variable temperature units.

Whether you're looking to add a gooseneck kettle to your coffee arsenal, upgrade to something that better suits your needs and aesthetic, or perhaps you're more of a tea drinker, we've got the kettle that's right for you.

Stovetop Kettles

Bonavita Pouring Kettle

The Bonavita Pouring Kettle is pretty bare bones option that gets the job done. It has a nice stainless steel finish and plastic handle. It's a great option for someone looking for added precision without breaking the bank.

  • 1-liter capacity
  • Brushed stainless steel finish
  • Stovetop

Hario V60 Buono Kettle

The Hario Buono Kettle has graced the countertops of specialty cafes and home enthusiasts alike. Its molded handle and low-mounted gooseneck spout provide extra control and percision while pouring, and its classic silhoutte make it one of the most recognizable kettles on this list.

  • 1-1.2 liter total capacity
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Color options
  • Stovetop

Hario Bona Enamel Pouring Kettle

The Bona Kettle's unique design and spout make it a beautiful coffee bar addition. It boasts enamel coated steel and wooden accents that give it a campfire aesthetic. Its short, pinched spout does cause a higher flow rate and less control. Its ideal use is for brewing on something like the Chemex, flat-bottom brewer, or immersion brewer.

  • 1.4 liter max capacity
  • Enameled steel
  • Vented lid with button lock
  • Stovetop

Hario Smart G Kettle

The Smart G Kettle takes inspiration from many of Hario's previous models and packages it neatly into a kettle that shines in both style and function. It boasts the same easy-pour spout of the Buono with a modern design twist. It gathers its name from its ability to be used on any heat source (except the microwave).

  • Modern design
  • Thermometer-friendly lid
  • 1-liter practical capacity
  • Compatible with a variety of heating elements

Kalita Wave Pot Pouring Kettle

The Kalita Wave Pot kettle has a distinct, steep gooseneck spout that differs from what you may find on the Buono Kettle. It allows a nice, high flow rate when you need it, but the pinched tip also allows additional control when you're aiming for something slow and precise. It has an attractive wooden handle that nicely contrasts the stainless steel body.

  • 1-liter capacity
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Temperature stability
  • Stovetop

Fellow Stagg Pouring Kettle

The Fellow Stagg is a uniquely beautiful gooseneck kettle. The basic Stagg sticks to the fundamental needs while boasting brilliant features that shine in both form and function. Its long, graceful gooseneck make for precise pours while its ergonomic handle provides incredible control. It's available in matte black, stainless steel, and copper that are sure to fit any aesthetic.

  • 1-liter capacity
  • Available in several variant options
  • Built-in brew range thermometer
  • Compatible with gas, electric, and induction

Kalita Thin Spout Kettle

The Kalita Thin Spout Kettle is the smallest kettle on our list with a capacity of 700 ml. Its small stature and thin gooseneck spout provide incredible control for fine pouring. It has a nice stainless steel finish and makes a great addition for someone looking to make 1-2 cup pour overs.

  • 700 ml capacity
  • 18.8 Stainless Steel
  • Light weight
  • Great for 1-2 cup brews
  • Stovetop

Hario Buono Copper Pouring Kettle

The Hario Buono Copper Kettle is a beautiful focal point to a coffee setup. Boasting the same slimmer, more refined goosneck spout, the Copper Buono provides phenomenal pour control while its handle, outfitted with a removeable silicone sleeve, prevents burns and provides an additional layer of comfort.

  • 900 ml capacity
  • Copper exterior and nickel interior finish
  • Lid holes for thermometer
  • Suitable for stovetop use, but not induction burners

Electric Kettles

Hario V60 Buono Electric Kettle

The Buono Electric Kettle is everything there is to love about the classic Buono — iconic beehive contruction, slim gooseneck spout, stainless steel build, but taken to the next level. Now available in an electric option, heating water on the go has never been easier. It offers crazy-fast boil times without the bells and whistles of variable temperature control, keeping things simple and effective.

  • Electric base
  • 0.8-liter capacity
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Auto-off

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Variable Temperature Pouring Kettle

The Fellow Stagg EKG takes the beautiful, geometric design of the Stagg to the next level with variable temperature control. In addition to its ergonomic design, tapered gooseneck, and variety of color options, the variable temperature control provides ease when making small adjustments to water temperature. Its intuitive interface allows changes to be made with the turn of a dial.

  • Sleek aesthetic
  • Variable temperature control
  • 0.9-liter capacity
  • Built in timer

Fellow Stagg EKG Pro Electric Pouring Kettle

The EKG Pro includes all there is to love about the Stagg EKG, but with some thoughtful upgrades. It features a new lid with a gasket seal to retain more heat, while its user interface now features a clock, scheduling mode so your water is boiling and ready to go when you get up, altitude adjustment, full-color display, and much more!

  • 0.9-liter capacity
  • Variable temperture control
  • Scheduling mode
  • Sleek aesthetic
  • Simple user interface

V-Spout Kettles

Brewista V-Spout Electric Kettle

Although lacking the precision of a gooseneck kettle, the V-Spout kettle maintains an important place in both the world of coffee and the standard kitchen. Its tremendous 1.7 liter capacity means you won't run out of water quickly and the variable temperature control provides to-the-degree temperature control.

  • 1.7-liter capacity
  • Variable temperature control
  • Perfect for immersion and cupping
  • Automatic off feature

Fellow Raven Stovetop Kettle and Tea Steeper

The Fellow Raven is a 1-liter stovetop kettle that's equipped with a brewing basket, perfect for steeping your favorite teas. It is constructed of stainless steel and equipped with a built in thermometer for precise water temperature. Available in a two color options, the Raven is a great addition to a tea brewing setup.

  • 1-liter capacity
  • Made of 305 stainless steel
  • Easy-to-clean basket
  • Stovetop and induction compatible

If you're curious about what a gooseneck kettle can do for your brew, check out our article "But Really, Why Gooseneck?". If you want to take your pour over game to the next level be sure to to check out our Advanced Brewing Course in the Prima Coffee Community!

Mar 29th 2023 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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