The Learning Center Courses

The Learning Center Courses

Nov 20th 2019 Written by mike.greene

Learn about Prima Coffee's Learning Center Courses. Educational articles for all of your coffee equipment.

Investing in new coffee equipment can be both exhilarating and daunting. There are so many possibilities with new gear, so much potential to take your brews to new heights, and always an outside chance that learning how to use your new contraption could go entirely sideways. Normally a new purchase might send you on an adventure through the internet, looking for the best tips and tricks, how-to’s and overview videos to start getting a grasp on your new coffee tool, but what if you could get professional guidance sent straight to your inbox? Well, Prima’s got you covered! Now on select items we’re giving you the opportunity to sign up to have a collection of free educational articles from the Prima Coffee Learning Center sent directly to your email, curated to relate specifically to the gear you’re buying. So whether you’re eyeing something new for your own coffee set up, or grabbing the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, now you can get a leg up on mastering that new brewer, grinder, espresso machine, or roaster right away!

Brewing a Hario V60, with Baratza Virtuoso+, Fellow Stagg EKG, and Hario Drip Scale

How To Enroll

Signing up is simple—each eligible item will offer a text box right on the product listing, just drop your email address into the field and we’ll get you enrolled!

You can rest assured that this email list is strictly for the set of articles you’ve asked for and NOT for any other newsletter or promotional reasons (although, if you’re not signed up for our newsletter you are missing out on some wicked deals).

Baratza Forte with home espresso machine

What Do the Courses Contain?

Each course is a collection of 3–4 articles meant to help you understand your new gear. From the basics of operation and care, to specific use guides for a number of items, we’ll take you from beginner to wunderkid in no time. Courses available include:

The General Guide to Brewing: Learn basic coffee brewing principles and get a primer on extraction and strength, get introduced to the wild world of water for brewing coffee, and we’ll cover general care practices to keep your gear in tip-top shape.

The Guide to Manual Brewing: Expanding on the basic brewing principles and care practices from the General Brewing guides we’ll explore the specifics of the most popular manual brewers available today, as well as give you a tour of other manual brew methods with the hope of inspiring you to even greater brewing heights.

The Guide to Bonavita Automatic Brewers: A peek into brewing with your new Bonavita auto brewer, including setting up and dialing in your machine to get consistently delicious professional level brews, and a guide on how to get the longest life out of your new favorite kitchen appliance.

The Guide to Home Espresso: From pulling shots to steaming milk, pouring latte art to basic machine care—you’ll impress guests (and yourself) with your barista prowess after this course.

The Guide to Roasting on Your Hottop: Guides for using your Hottop roaster, expanding your skill as a taster, and cupping coffees like a pro. You’ll be roasting the tastiest coffee around from the comfort of your own home.

The Guide to Baratza Grinders: A walkthrough of how to use any model from the premier electric home grinder company Baratza, burr grinder basics, and how to keep your grinder clean and churning along for years to come.

With so many courses available there’s one for nearly any piece of equipment you need. All brewers, home espresso machines, Baratza grinders, and Hottop roasters will give you the option to enroll in the right course for you, so go ahead and add that piece of gear you’ve been eyeing to your cart and be sure to enter your email in the sign-up field!

Acaia Pearl S with empty Chemex and Fellow Stagg EKG

Go ahead and shop with confidence, pick out the gear that’s calling your name and let us teach you about your new tools. With the right resources from Prima and a little practice at home you’ll have everything you need to really knock ‘em dead with your brazenly delicious brews.

Questions? Comments? Drop them below or shoot us an email, we’re always happy to make sure you have everything you need to make the right decision!

Happy Shopping, y’all.

Nov 20th 2019 mike.greene

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