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Cyber Monday 2015: Let the Discounts Fly!

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2015 Cyber Monday deals on coffee equipment

This Cyber Monday, we’re offering a smattering of savings so you can get the brew you want without breaking the bank. These deals go live at 6:00 PM EST on Sunday and expire on 11:55 PM on Tuesday. So, keep these deals at the front of your brain and get ready for some Monday shopping as you nibble on leftover turkey.

  • 15% off Prima Gear All Weekend

    Grab your favorite Prima branded items at a great discount

    Our Prima sale continues through Tuesday! Take 15% on Prima-branded items, including our signature diner mugs and hand-crafted tampers. Deal valid from 6 PM EST on Nov 26th through 11:55 PM EST Dec 1st.

    This sale is over, see you next year!

  • 10% Off Home Espresso Machines

    10% off home espresso machines!

    Whether it's for yourself or a loved one, an espresso machine is the ultimate holiday gift! Take 10% off the home espresso machine of your choice, or use our handy machine picker to help you find the best match for you. And don't forget: our Prima-branded wares are still on sale, so you can grab a hand-made tamper for a steal today too!

    This sale is over, see you next year!

  • Door Buster! 15% Off Mazzer Grinders, and then 10% Off All Day!

    15% off all Mazzer Grinders!

    We hope you've been practicing your mouse-clicking technique this year, because our Doorbuster deal is back! We're offering 15% off the first 10 Mazzer grinders purchased with the doorbuster code below, starting at 6 PM on November 29th. Runners up, don't worry, you can still get 10% off a Mazzer grinder for the duration of our Cyber Monday sale. Need help choosing a model to buy? Luckily, we have a buying guide for that.

    This sale is over, see you next year!

  • 15% Off Hario Olivewood!

    15% off Hario Olivewood!

    It's no secret that Hario makes some stellar coffee gear, but there's more to their line than the V60 alone. For Cyber Monday, cast your attention to some of their more stylish items with a tempting 15% off their Olivewood french presses and servers.

    This sale is over, see you next year!

  • 15% Off Acaia Scales!

    15% off Acaia Scales!

    For a limited time, grab a great deal on your new favorite brewing scales! Acaia make some amazing products, with precision weighing, rechargeable batteries, built-in Bluetooth, and the Lunar is even completely waterproof. You'd be crazy not to check this out!

    This sale is over, see you next year!

  • 20% Off Immersion Brewers!

    Get 10% off immersion brewers!

    2014 World Barista Champ Hide Izaki says he brews with a Clever Dripper because it's easy and he's lazy. If that's the case, consider us champion brewers! You can brew like a champ too, and save 20% on these select immersion coffee brewers: Clever Coffee Drippers, Eva Solo Cafe Solo brewers, Espro presses, Aerobie Aeropresses, Bonavita Immersion Drippers, and Hario Metal french presses.

    This sale is over, see you next year!

Disclaimers: All Cyber Monday sales will run from 6:00 PM EST on Sunday November 29, 2015 to 11:55 PM EST on Tuesday December 1, 2015. Deals and discounts are only valid for in-stock items. Some exclusions apply, see individual specials above for additional stipulations.

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Hi there. Which manual brewers are applicable for the cyber monday discount? I followed the link above and selected the Hario V60 pour over setup but the discount doesn't seem to work. Thanks.

Hi there, Cody. The coupon applies to all of our manual drip brewers, including all of our V60 brewers. Our bundles are excluded however, because the bundle price is already discounted. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with. Thanks!

Is the $25 grinder discount no longer available on Baratza grinders?

That's correct, it was only available for a short while. But don't fret, we've still got some great options from Rancilio, Compak, and MACAP to choose from!

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