Back to School Brew Guide

Back to School Brew Guide

Aug 16th 2021 Written by Ragan LaTour

Long days, warm breezes, and leisurely summer strolls are coming to an end, and with that brings autumn, early morning classes and late-night study sessions. Here at Prima we know the struggle; however, we also know the remedy — great coffee. Whether you’re headed to the dorm or an apartment off campus, we’ve curated a list of the gear to accommodate all college circumstances and budgets!

Our list is compiled of size-conscious gear that leaves a small footprint and offers portability that will save you not only space, but the disappointment of mediocre campus coffee. From grinders, to brewers, to water, to travel mugs we’ve got something to meet all your coffee needs!

Start the new semester forming better habits, setting higher goals, and brewing better coffee!


  • Aeropress Coffee Maker

    Aeropress Coffee Maker

    The Aeropress is a portable, immersion brewer that makes delicious single-cup brews. With easy setup and cleanup, the Aeropress makes a great addition to any coffee setup.

  • Hario V60 01 Coffee Dripper

    White Plastic Hario V60 01

    The Hario V60 is a specialty coffee mainstay that's available in a variety of colors and materials. No matter the aesthetic of your dorm or apartment, there is a V60 to match.

  • Chemex 6 Cup Coffee Maker

    6 cup Chemex with wooden handle

    The Chemex is a gorgeous statement piece and a great option for those wanting entertain friends and make larger batches.


  • Baratza Encore

    Black Baratza Encore

    The Baratza Encore is a great electric brew grinder option for those seeking speed and ease for the morning grind.

  • Timemore Chestnut Slim Plus

    Timemore Chestnut Slim Plus

    Boasting a grind range from espresso to brew, the Slim Plus covers all of your grinding needs. Its compact size makes it perfect for small spaces and travel.

  • Hario Mini Slim Plus

    Hario Mini Slim Plus

    The Hario Mini Slim Plus is a cost efficient option, especially for those upgrading from a blade grinder. Small in size with conical ceramic burrs and a generous hopper size, it's perfect for those just entering the world of specialty coffee.



  • Peak Water Pitcher Starter Pack

    Peak Water Pitcher Starter Pack

    The Peak Water Pitcher filters the unique tap water in your home or dorm so it contains the perfect amount of minerals for your brew while boasting the convenience of a traditional water purifying pitcher.

  • Third Wave Water

    Pack of Third Wave Water

    Third Wave Water adds a precise formula of minerals to distilled water to aid you in making the best brew. Each packet comes with 12 doses, and each dose treats one gallon of water.

  • Global Customized Water

    Pack of Global Customized Water

    Rather than powdered formula, GCW comes with two liquid solutions that require only one drop of each per gallon. The added sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, and calcium chloride, bring out the best flavors in your coffees.


  • Jennings CJ4000 Scale

    Jennings CJ4000 Scale

    The CJ4000 is the perfect manual brewing companion. It has all the features to get the job done with accuracy without breaking the bank.

  • Pro Scale XC2000

    Pro Scale XC2000

    The XC2000 has an incredibly small footprint making it great for small places and brewing on the go. Flaunting extreme precision and durability, it's a great brewing option.

  • Acaia Lunar Water-resistant Espresso Scale

    Silver Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale

    For those whole prefer a nice espresso drink, the Acaia Lunar Scale has all the bells and whistles. The auto-timer, flow detection and small footprint make it perfect to up your home (or dorm) espresso game.


  • Flair Pro 2

    Black Flair Pro 2

    The Flair Pro 2 is a manual espresso machine that is ready to be taken on an adventure. It packs away into a convenient carrying case that make it great for saving space while consistently producing decadent and delicious shots of espresso.

  • Cafelat Robot

    Blue Cafelat Robot

    The Robot's quirky, retro design, sturdy frame, and ability to produce quality espresso, make it a reliable — and adorable — addition to a dorm room coffee setup.

  • Lelit PL41EM Anna

    Lelit PL41EM Anna

    Manual espresso isn't for everyone. For those who long for ease in the morning without having to pay thousands of dollars, the Anna is the perfect option. It stands at only 13 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 9 inches deep, making it small enough for almost any space.

Travel Mugs

  • Fellow Carter Everywhere Mug

    Matte Black Fellow Everywhere Mug

    The Everywhere Mug is both stylish and efficient. It allows you to brew directly from your Aeropress into your mug, features a leak-proof lid to ensure you have no unwanted leaks or spills, and comes in a variety of chic, matte colors.

  • Fellow Carter Move Mug

    Matte Black Fellow Carter Move Mug

    Much like the Everywhere Mug, the Move Mug is both attractive and functional. However, the Move Mug is the perfect commuter companion! Its smaller diameter makes it cup holder compatible and features a splash guard that prevents your coffee from splashing all over you on your morning commute.

  • KeepCup Brew Glass Travel Cup

    Base Brew KeepCup

    The KeepCup is an eco-friendly travel cup made of borosilicate glass and available in a variety of colors and sizes. It's a barista-approved option to brighten up your morning!

No matter how early the class or how late the study session, we've got the gear to keep the coffee flowing! Once you have all the equipment you need for those back to school brews, make sure to check out our learning center to master all things manual brewing, espresso, grinders and much more!

Wishing you a year filled great experiences and delicious coffee! Happy brewing y'all!

Aug 16th 2021 Ragan LaTour

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