Ditting 807 Maintenance | Remove Front Panel

Ditting 807 Maintenance | Remove Front Panel

Mar 20th 2023 Written by John Erler


Ditting 807 Maintenance | Remove Front Panel

Hi, I'm John with Prima Coffee. And today we're going to talk about removing the front panel of the Ditting 807 for basic cleaning on the discharge shoot and spout of the grinder.

Okay, so the first thing we're going to do is remove the hopper using the thumb screw and push back. All right? So once we remove the hopper, we have two screws at the top here that have a T-20 torx head. We're going to take our driver and remove those. Okay? And then next we're going to move the screw that holds the shaker rod to the shaker plate. So once we remove the screw for the shaker plate, I'm going to go ahead and turn the grinder so it's on its back and then switch out my tool here for a seven millimeter ratchet. And then I completely remove these two inner screws and I'm going to just loosen these two outer screws. And once we've done that, now we can remove the front cover, just hold it by the spout and lift up. Okay. And once we have this out, then we have a better vantage point for the inside of the discharge shoot and the covering. And we can just wipe this all out. I can get to the back here and then we can just check the assembly. It's spring loaded here. I'm just going to look and see that everything is operating normally. The springs look good. Okay, So. All right. And then the final step is I'm actually going to take off the spout that's connected to the motor assembly. In order to do that, I got to switch back to my torx screw head. There's four screws to take these out. And so once we take that out, now, we can clean the spout more thoroughly, wipe off the front of the grand chamber. Okay. So that's how to remove the front cover to thoroughly clean the discharge chute and the spout on the Ditting 807 Grinder. I'm John Coffee and thanks for watching!

Mar 20th 2023 John Erler

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