Mahlkonig Maintenance | Hopper Removal On The E65S and E80S Grinders

Mahlkonig Maintenance | Hopper Removal On The E65S and E80S Grinders

Sep 19th 2023 Written by John Erler

I'm John with Prima Coffee Equipment. And in this video, we're going to talk about taking off and putting the hopper back on on the Mahlkonig espresso grinder line.

So the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to close the bean gate so that we can prevent more coffee from going down in the grind chamber. And then I'm going to purge whatever is in the grind chamber. If you try to take the hopper off before you do that, it's going to make it a lot more difficult to access the grind chamber and it's going to be a big mess. So I'll go ahead and set this on a long time so I can just purge it all out. Now that we have all the coffee out. Now, depending on how you've set the set screw on the back of the hopper, you may or may not need to loosen that a bit. If it's a real struggle to turn the hopper in the hopper lock, then go ahead and back that screw off a little bit. It's just a standard flathead screw. Now that I purged. Move that screw back. I'm going to go ahead and twist the hopper off and it will just come out of place and once I get that off, then I can continue to either remove the top plate or clean in the grind chamber. Here, it's important to note that the E65 has a small gasket that sits between the hopper and the grind chamber. This is different than the E80. The E80 has a bit more of a beveled surface going in to the grind chamber. And really the main difference here is that this gasket is important for keeping the hopper on the E65 tight in place. If you don't have this gasket on the E65 in here, when you put the hopper on, it's going to wobble and be loose even when you tighten up the the set screw on the back here. So make sure when you clean that you hold on to that part. When you're ready to put the hopper back on, you're going to put this back in.

So before we put the hopper back on, I just want to get zoomed in here so that we can see that there is a little pin switch in a channel associated with that. Is this key right here in the hopper. So that switch is a micro switch. As you notice when I take the hopper off, the power to the grinder goes off. If that switch doesn't depress, the grinder won't turn back on. A lot of times debris, coffee grounds and such will get inside this channel and will prevent the key from pushing the switch down properly or fully. That will then in turn prevent the grinder from powering on. I’ve made sure that's clean and I'm going to go ahead and can take the hopper with the key facing that way. Then I'm just going to simply turn it and I can hear it lock into place and then I'm going to open the gate and I'm good to go. I'm John with Prima Coffee. Thanks for watching and we'll see you in the next video.

Sep 19th 2023 John Erler

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