Maintenance | Mahlkonig E65s & E80s Duty Cycles and Capacities

Maintenance | Mahlkonig E65s & E80s Duty Cycles and Capacities

Sep 6th 2023 Written by John Erler

Hi I’m John with Prima Coffee Equipment and today we're going to talk about the duty cycles of the Mahlkonig Espresso Grinder Line.


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Why are duty cycles important? They help protect the longevity of the motor and the grinders. Exceeding the duty cycle or operating past recommended continuous use can lead to overheating that may damage internal components over time. Luckily, these grinders have some cooling features and they also have an internal thermal limit that will trigger if the grinders surpass a healthy internal temperature. This will disconnect power to the grinder, and that power will be disconnected until the grinder again reaches a healthy operational temperature, and then the grinder will become operational once again. Another thing to consider is how the Grinder operates when it reaches higher temperatures and why that's important. When you're using an espresso grinder, higher temperatures can affect the consistency of the grind. With the on demand time grinders, it can affect the consistency of the dosing. Basically, heat may cause the grinder to go faster. Also, a viscosities change in the oils in the coffees. That can create inconsistencies, faster brewing speeds when you are brewing. To avoid that, it's best to keep within the ramifications of the Mahlkonig suggested duty cycles to alleviate those inconsistencies when you are in your workflow.

Obviously the E65s and the E80s are two different size grinders. The E65s has a duty cycle of 4 seconds on 26 seconds off about two 18 gram shots per minute. Recommended no more than 10 minutes of continuous operation. The E80s has a duty cycle of 3 seconds on 3 seconds off can do about ten 18 gram shots in a minute with 10 minutes of continuous operation. Also, the E65s is rated to about 66 lbs a day and the E80s is rated to about 198 lbs per day. Again, as I mentioned, there are cooling features on these grinders that will help regulate that temperature. The E65s being the most basic grinder has what really is a simple plastic fan that rotates with the motor. And if you look on the bottom of the grinder, you can see vents where the air draws through. So it's important on both grinders to keep that space open and available so that air can flow. The E65s because it has just that simple fan will heat much more quickly as compared to the E65s GbW the E80s or the E80s GbW. That's because all of those grinders have CPU controlled fans. So basically, as you can see on the display, you can see the temperature in the grinder as that temperature changes, starts rising, the fans will activate, pulling air up through the bottom and on the E80s, you also have a fan in the back and so that circulation will pull up to the Grinder out. So it's important that you give the vents a little bit of space so that airflow is nice and consistent. So in the end with this really boils down to is picking the correct grinder for your volume and application. If you expect to exceed the amount of usage per day, the duty cycles or the continuous usage for say, the E65s, then maybe it's better to consider the E80 for your medium to higher volume operations, not only to protect the life span of the motor, but also to prevent inconsistencies from happening while grinding.

All right. I'm John with Prima Coffee, and that's our overview of the capacity and duty cycles of the Mahlkonig Espresso Grinders. Thanks for watching. We'll see you next time.

Sep 6th 2023 John Erler

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