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Win Pizza with Prima: We Want to Meet You in Chicago!

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Pizza with Prima

Chicago has more than one claim to fame. It's home to Michael Jordan, the Magnificent Mile, Obama, and Da Bears. And it's a great coffee city, too. But when any foodie visits the Windy City, their sights are on one thing: pizza.

Pizza? Pizza. Chicago's deep-dish, stuffed-crust, sauce-on-top pizza is one of America's culinary marvels and one of the reasons that we're anxious to get on the road. Another reason, of course, is to see you, our soon-to-be friends.

We're excited to make all sorts of new friends at Coffee Fest. And we want to be sure that we start on the right foot. Naturally, that foot should be walking toward great pizza.

YOU can win!

Let us buy you a slice! Through this contest we're picking 3 lucky folks to take to Chicago's famous foodie landmark, Giordano's Pizza. As Jason Dominy would say, we're going #2Dto3D — and we're buying.

Not going to Coffee Fest? You can still have pizza on us. Enter below and we'll send you a fresh pie in the mail.

Free dinner and a fine time are only seconds away.

To join us for pizza at Giordano's, you'll have to be in Chicago for Coffee Fest this weekend. But to one hungry homebody, whether near or far, we'll mail a pizza. That's right, deep-dish deliciousness delivered to your doorstep. So enter now!

Original image used under the Creative Commons license from Flickr user Nostepinne.

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