Product Maintenance | How to Clean a Steam Wand

Product Maintenance | How to Clean a Steam Wand

Aug 3rd 2022 Written by Steve Morrow

Hey, it's Steve here with Prima Coffee and today we wanted to make a quick video to show you how to clean your steam wand.So you're going to have a couple of options to do it. There's the Urnex Biocaf, and there's also the Rinza from Urnex. Both of these products are going to have both an acid version and an alkaline version.So we're going to go ahead and use the Biocaf, this is an alkaline version. So either of these are going to break down those milk proteins and anything that's going to get stuck here on that steam wand. And you're going to want to do this periodically. If you have a home machine, if you have a cafe, you're going to want to do this much more frequently.Periodically, you should also unscrew the steam wand tip, which is right here, and use some sort of a brush and just clean in there, clean the outside, and make sure there's no milk protein or anything stuck here.So to use this product, actually to use the Rinza or the Biocaf here, you're going to use 30 milliliters of the concentrate, and then you're going to add about 16 ounces of hot water. So 30 milliliters is about one and a half of these. There you go. And then you just add 16 ounces of hot water. So if you have a large steam pitcher, you can just fill it up almost all the way to the top.The next step is just to put the steam wand into the pitcher. You can go ahead and turn it on for a second as if you were going to steam some milk. And then go ahead and turn that off. And it's pretty simple, you're just going to let it sit for 15 minutes.After 15 minutes, you can go ahead and take the pitcher out. You can take a clean rag and then go ahead and wipe down the steam wand there. And because you had the steam wand immersed completely up the side here into the pitcher, you want to make sure that the whole thing is clean.And now you just want to go ahead and purge it. You can do it for about 10 seconds. And there you go. Now you're ready to make great tasting lattes, cappuccinos, and everything else.

Aug 3rd 2022 Steve Morrow

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