Video Overview | 1ZPresso JMax

Video Overview | 1ZPresso JMax

Feb 18th 2022 Written by Reagan Jones

The 1zpresso J Max was designed with espresso in mind. It features a unique external micro-stepped adjustment that provides increased precision in your grind. There are 90 steps on the J Max that change the grind my a mere 8.8 microns, and its large 48 mm burrs that make for insanely fast grinding speeds. Although it's a great option for espresso, the J Max has the capability to grind from Turkish to cold brew. It's a great option for the home espresso enthusiast looking for precision, or the home brewer looking to make a cup for themselves and a friend.


1Zpresso JMax

Fast & Smooth Grinding Capabilities

Hey there. It's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and today, we are checking out the 1Zpresso J-Max. The J-Max is 1Zpresso's most espresso-focused grinder available. It was designed with espresso in mind, providing crazy fast grinding speeds. This is largely thanks to its 48-millimeter titanium burr set, which is very large when you look at it in comparison to other hand grinders. Additionally, it has an external grind adjustment that makes changing your grind setting incredibly easy, each click changes your grind by 8.8 microns, so it is a very micro-step adjustment, which makes it great for espresso. So it does give you the ability to really dial it in, and there's 90 clicks total. It has a full grind range, from espresso to cold brew, although it does perform at its best on those finer grind settings. The hopper has a capacity of 30 to 35 grams, and the magnetic grinds catch also has a capacity of 30 to 35 grams. What really makes the J-Max stand out from the crowd is the fact that it was designed to make grinding for espresso as easy as possible. It's a really great option for the home espresso enthusiast who wants that ease and speed when grinding for espresso at home, but also doesn't want it to be limited to only espresso. So, with this, you can easily grind for a pour over as well. Now, we are going to show you how to grind with the J-Max. If you're grinding for espresso, you hit that setting after... by one and a half full rotations from the true zero, so not the zero that you see on the grind adjustment. But when you have your burrs touching, starting out, making one and a half full rotations. And from there, you can make those micro-adjustments to dial it in. Each additional click from that point changes your shot time by about two to three seconds. So I'm going to show you how to grind with this. So we have 18 grams that we're going to pour in the hopper. And at this espresso setting, you should be able to grind in as little as 30 seconds. Super simple, and the results are very impressive. You get a very uniform grind. As great as it is, it does, like everything else, have some limitations. It does have a full grind range, but, as I said before, it really does do its best performance in the finer grinds. The coarser you get, the less desirable your results, maybe, but they're still pretty solid. And additionally, the magnetic grinds catch is convenient, but if you slipped the wrong way, sometimes it will pop off, and that is inconvenient. So this is 1Zpresso J-Max. It is a great option for those on the market, looking for a new hand grinder for espresso.

Feb 18th 2022 Reagan Jones

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