Video Overview | 1ZPresso KPro

Video Overview | 1ZPresso KPro

Apr 8th 2022 Written by Reagan Jones


1Zpresso Kpro

Micro-Stepped Precision Adjustments

Hey there, it's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and today we are checking out the 1Zpresso K-Pro. The K-Pro is the multipurpose grinder in 1Zpresso's lineup, so it has you covered no matter what you are grinding for. It has a full grind range from Turkish to cold brew, and that is thanks to its really big 48-millimeter, stainless steel, conical burr set, or the K burrs with heptagonal geometry. Additionally, it has this really convenient external grind adjustment ring, so you can make those small adjustments just by clicking in the top, you don't have to remove anything. It has 160 clicks and 9 numbers on the ring that help you keep track of your preferred grind setting. Each step changes your grind by about 22 microns, so they are really fine adjustments. It has crazy-fast grinding speed. Our test, grinding 19 grams for espresso, can be done in under a minute. Additionally, it has a 35 to 40 gram capacity in both the hopper and grinds, and a nice threaded grinds catch so that your grinds catch doesn't go flying off mid-grind. Although the K-Pro is jam-packed with features that we love, we do think that it is the external grind adjustment that really makes it stand out from the crowd. If you've ever tried changing the grind setting on a hand grinder, 9 times out of 10, you have to remove some kind of hardware to access it, and that can become a really tedious task when you're trying to do something like dial in your espresso.

The K-Pro is a great option for the home espresso enthusiast who is looking for precision in their grind, and that is thanks to that stepped adjustment, the MicroStepped adjustment rather. It allows you to make very, very minor changes so that you get the most out of your shot. But at the same time, it's also great for the home brewer that is wanting to make multiple cups of a pour-over or immersion method. And it also is a great travel option because it comes with this really convenient carrying case. But it should be noted that it's not always ideal for something like backpacking because it is a large grinder and rather heavy. If you ever grinded for espresso on a hand grinder, you know that it can be a really exhausting task sometimes. That is not the case with the K-Pro. And if you're grinding for a coarser grind, it gets even easier from there. The K-Pro, like every grinder, has some limitations, and it just so happens that it is espresso, and that's because it's a stepped adjustment. So you don't get quite as much control on changing your grind setting. But for the fact that it is a micro-adjustment, you still can make very small changes, and it still produces really great results. So this is the 1Zpresso K-Pro. It is great if you're on the market for a hand grinder for just about any brewing method.

Apr 8th 2022 Reagan Jones

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