Video Overview | Acaia Portafilter Dosing Cup

Video Overview | Acaia Portafilter Dosing Cup

Sep 2nd 2022 Written by Reagan Jones

The medium dosing cup from Acaia (masters of the scale) was re-designed to fit under more grinder models. Like the old version, this one is made of stainless steel and has a 58mm mouth, which fits all (based on our tests) standard 58mm (and even some 57mm) portafilter baskets. A silicone anti-slip pad is included in the box, too, in case you want to keep the cup from sliding. In this video, Steve talks about the new features and then shows the dosing cup in action.


Acaia Dosing Cup

Fits standard 58mm portafilters

Hey, I'm Steve from Prima Coffee, and today we're going to take a look at this portafilter dosing cup from Acaia. As you can see on the box here, this is their medium model. And if you've seen their previous mediums, you'll notice that this is just a little bit shorter than those and the reason is because this is going to fit under many more grinders. We see this as a really great investment if you are single-dosing from your EK43 for espresso or your Sette for espresso. And because, again, they've reengineered this to be just a little bit shorter, it'll fit under tons of other models as well. So there's not much to this. It is made of stainless steel. It can fit about 70 grams of coffee powder or espresso powder in here, which you're never really going to need. You're only going to need enough for that single dose of espresso so right around 20 grams. It has a 58-millimeter top here. So it'll fit all 58-millimeter baskets and portfailters like you see here. We've noticed that it'll also fit 57. So it's a little bit more snug, but given that it has this ridge here, it'll go ahead and fit 58 and 57. Pretty simple to use. We have a Lagom here and it doesn't fit on the portafilter forks here. It'll fit underneath or you can hold it. So that's the thing with this. It will fit. Like we said on the EK43, it'll fit under the Sette from Baratza. It'll fit under many other grinders, but it'll really work with any grinder as long as you are holding it. So we'll go ahead and thirst this out. And there's 18 grams of coffee. And so basically you can grab your portafilter and then you can go ahead and turn it over, do whatever you need to do to groom it, and then you are ready to tame. So in the box here, you're going to have the manual, which because there's not much to this, the manual is very small. Inside you also have this silicone anti-skid pad. It is sticky here on the bottom. You'll just remove the paper, and you can fit it to the bottom of the dosing cup. And this will just make sure that it's not sliding all over the countertop.

Sep 2nd 2022 Reagan Jones

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