Video Overview | Ditting 807 Filter

Video Overview | Ditting 807 Filter

Apr 1st 2022 Written by Reagan Jones

The Ditting 807 Filter is possibly the most versatile commercial coffee grinder on the market; featuring a range from Turkish to cold brew, and capable of grinding into batch brew baskets, bags, or even single dosing into cups or portafilters. The 807 Filter is a true swiss army knife of coffee grinders, offering exceptional grind quality and covering every need in the modern café.


Ditting KFA 1403

Turkish to Cold Brew Grinding

'm Ryan from Prima, and this is the Ditting 807 Filter. ♪ [music] ♪ In its second iteration, the Ditting 807 has been redesigned from top to bottom, featuring a new, sleek, esthetic, and practical new features like easy internal access, an aluminum and grind adjustment wheel with micro reference, electronic on/off switch, and two active cooling fans to draw heat away from the motor. The 807 is a versatile multipurpose tool for the modern cafe. Up top, we still have the same 1.1-pound hopper that we had in the 804 series. One of my favorite new features is a aluminum adjustment wheel with MicroStep reference, which has many more lines and helps you dial in for a pour-over or even espresso if you want more easily. The 807s now feature two internal fans, which draw heat away from that motor during extended grinding sessions, which helps keep your grind more consistent. The same bag clamp and knocker is still here, so you can clamp a 1 pound 12 ounce bag, even a 5 pound bag in there, and grind directly into it as well. They also feature electronic on/off operation. This helps the switch to last longer, and when the grinder is left on for five minutes by accident, the grinder will actually turn itself off automatically. The 807 Filter's primary feature is an adjustable fork and slide to accommodate batch brew baskets. Instead of grinding into some sort of receptacle, then emptying the grounds into a basket like this, this machine allows the barista to grind directly into a batch brew basket, saving significant time. Filter baskets of any common type are going to be compatible with the 807 Filter. Think Fetco, Curtis, or Bunn. The fork has a max width of about 10 inches. And this fork is easily adjustable laterally and also vertically to accommodate and really lock in that basket. An angled slide also allows the user to direct grounds into the middle of the brew basket, preventing mounding at the edge. The 807 Filter is not limited to a batch brew application. This open workspace works really well for single-dosing, and since the knocker and the bag clamp are still there, you can also grind directly into bags. This makes the 807 Filter the most versatile of the 807 lineup, a true Swiss Army knife of grinders. This model comes standard with Ditting's 80-millimeter, special steel burr set, but all 807 models can be outfitted with the cast steel, Lab Sweet burr sets, upon request, for an additional fee. The 807 will put out about 2 pounds per minute at 800 microns, at a duty cycle of 45 seconds on, 180 seconds off. So it's ideal for an average load of medium volume cafe who is pregrinding for customers or grinding on-demand for batch brew or pour-over. Up to about 30 pounds a day. If you intend to grind more than that or you need grounds faster, consider the Ditting KR1203.

Apr 1st 2022 Reagan Jones

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