Ditting 807 Retail Overview

Ditting 807 Retail Overview

May 6th 2022 Written by Reagan Jones

Ditting's 807 Retail grinder is perfect for cafes or grocery stores to pre-grind coffee for their customers. Grinding about 2lbs per minute and featuring a bag clamp and a vibrating shaker plate, and a full grind range from turkish to cold brew, the 807 Retail is a quality, multi-purpose tool for a variety of commercial applications.


Ditting 807 retail

Turkish to Cold Brew Grinding

I'm Ryan from Prima. And this is the Ditting 807 Retail Coffee Grinder. Refreshed with new aesthetic and helpful new features, the Ditting 807 Retail is a commercial coffee grinder designed for cafes, roasteries, or even grocery stores who are pre-grinding coffee for their customers. So new to the 807 line from the 804 line is, of course, this fresh, modern aesthetic. This hopper is now removable without tools. It can be removed by hand. There's a beautiful aluminum micro-stepped adjustment wheel on the side here, with much finer references, that allows you to dial in for espresso or just make really small changes that can be tracked. The 807s now have an electronic on/off switch versus that analog rocker, which helps that switch last longer, but it'll also turn itself off after five minutes, just in case you leave it on. One other helpful new feature in the 807 is a magnetic grounds tray just to put it back nice and quick. The primary feature of the 807 Retail is this vibrating shaker plate and this bag clamp. So this bag clamp will latch on to any 1-pound, 12-ounce, or 5-pound bag and also doubles as a knocker. This is a vibrating steel shaker plate, which works to transfer the energy from the motor, actually, to the coffee bag so that the grounds don't mound up at the edge and eventually spill out of that bag. With that vibration, the grounds will kind of settle into an even bed all the way up, and that allows the barista to walk away and perform another task for 30 seconds or so while a pound of coffee grinds. The 807 Retail will put out about 2 pounds per minute at 800 microns. And it has a duty cycle of about 45 seconds on, 180 seconds off. So it's recommended for somewhere in the range of 30 pounds per day. But you really don't want to let this operate for more than about five minutes at a time. So it's perfect for 1 to, you know, 5-pound batch, at most. If you do need something faster, consider the KR1203, which operates on 120 volts but has a 120-millimeter burr set that puts out around 5 pounds per minute. This grinder comes standard, outfitted with Ditting's Special Steel burr set, but upon request and for an additional fee, we can install the cast steel Lab Sweet burr set, if you like.

May 6th 2022 Reagan Jones

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