Video Overview | Ditting KFA 1403

Video Overview | Ditting KFA 1403

Mar 11th 2022 Written by Reagan Jones

Bridging the gap between industrial and commercial classification, the KFA1403 is easily the most capable countertop grinder on the market. Utilizing 140mm burrs and grinding at speeds around 8lbs per minute, the Ditting KFA1403 is built to meet the demands of the busiest roasteries in the world.


Ditting KFA 1403

Superb Grind Quality

Ryan from Prima, and this is the KFA 1403 Retail Coffee Grinder. If you're in the market for a high-powered filter coffee grinder, the KFA 1403 Retail should be on your list, featuring huge 140-millimeter steel burrs, grinding at 8 pounds per minute at 800 microns, and operating at 220 volts on a three-phase motor. The KFA 1403 is a monster industrial grinder, bridging the gap between commercial and industrial use, ideal for roasters who grind 60 to 100 plus pounds per day. So the 1403 features an all metal construction. Up top, we have a 2.4-pound hopper, and there is hopper extenders available, if you do need to fit more than that in the hopper at once. On the side is a stepless grind adjustment, which grinds between 200 and about 1100 microns. That's true Turkish all the way up to what some folks are using for cold brew. It also features a sliding hopper gate, which is unique to the KFA. And then up front, we have a mechanical paddle which operates as an on/off switch and simultaneously clamps the bag, so this is different from the KR 1403 and KR 1203. It doesn't have that vibrating steel shaker plate and the knocker at the spout. You cannot knock the chute of the KFA, which means it is best used for continuous bulk grinding into large bags like 5-pound bags. This is not a grinder you would use to grind into, say, a 10-ounce bag, or especially single doses because you can't knock the chute and you're going to have cross-contamination and retention between cycles. If you're grinding 25 to, say, 60 pounds per day, you may actually want to take advantage of the KR 1203 model because it operates on 120 volts and it is less expensive. But if you need to grind 60 to 100 pounds per day plus, the KFA 1403 is going to be a good option to consider. If you need to grind more than 5 pounds, say, at one time, the KFA 1403 Industrial may be something to consider because it has a 22-pound steel hopper and an off-counter chute that can lead down into, you know, a garbage can or some sort of bin. We don't have three-phase power wired here in our showroom, but if you're interested in seeing the KFA 1403 demolish a 5-pound bag of coffee, check out our link above to the KR 1403 overview video.

Mar 11th 2022 Reagan Jones

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