Video Overview | Etkin Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Video Overview | Etkin Ceramic Coffee Dripper

Apr 28th 2023 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

The Etkin Ceramic Coffee Dripper offers up a new alternative for large batch pour over brewing that was once dominated by Chemex brewers. The Etkin is a flat bottom with a large diameter that allows for a more shallow brew bed and produces a sweet and more full-bodied cup than the Chemex. It's a fantastic new option for brewing batches up to 8 cups at a time.


Etkin Ceramic Coffee Dripper

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Brew Bigger, Better Batches

Hey there. It's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and this is the Etkin Ceramic Coffee Dripper and Carafe. Etkin is the Turkish word for effective. And this brewer is exactly that. It offers up a new alternative for large batch manual brewing.

The dripper and its corresponding carafe have extremely wide diameters that maintain shallow brew beds and encourage even extraction. Most noticeably you will see how wide the flat bottom brewer is almost bowl like it has a diameter of 5.8 inches and stands 2.8 inches tall.

It's made of Turkish porcelain that is meant to improve heat retention and it has an ergonomic double wall design. It offers a sweeter, fuller bodied cup of something that you may expect from like a Kelita and offers one liter of coffee at a time. It's compatible with Etkin 8 to 10 cup basket coffee filters or Melitta 8 to 12 cup filters. It pairs with the at Etkin 1.5 liter glass carafe. The carafe, which can be purchased separately, was designed specifically for this brewer and is crafted with temperature resistant borosilicate glass.

The Etkin Brewer is unique because there are very few large batch manual brewers on the market. The space has been widely dominated by Chemex. The Etkin offers a very different cup of coffee than the Chemex as well, which is wonderful for those who like their cup with a little bit more body. The Etkin is the perfect option for someone who loves to brew for groups of people, whether that be making coffee in the morning for the family or enjoying coffee with friends after dinner. The capacity of the Etkin will keep you from having to brew back to back.

Because the Etkin can brew such large batches of coffee, you'll need a super coarse grind. I'm going to be brewing 60 grams of coffee using a 1 to 15 ratio and I ground at a 26 on the on for ESP. Despite brewing such a large batch the Etkin brew time is just around 5 minutes and you're left with a lovely flat brew bed. It produces a really nice balanced cup that has a little bit more body than the Chemex, if you aren't really into that super clean tea like cup.

The downside to the Etkin brewer is that due to the size you're limited to what servers you can use and the Etkin carafe is definitely your best option. So this is the Etkin ceramic coffee dripper. It offers up a new alternative when manually brewing large batches of coffee and you can find it online at, and thanks for watching.

Apr 28th 2023 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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