Video Overview | Fellow Ode Gen2 Coffee Grinder

Video Overview | Fellow Ode Gen2 Coffee Grinder

Feb 3rd 2023

This is the Fellow Ode Gen2 coffee grinder. If you're in the market for a quality home coffee grinder, the Fellow Ode Gen2 should be near the top of your list. Featuring improved commercial grade, 64 millimeter flat burs, and a few other tweaks to the original design, the second generation of the Ode remains one of our favorite home coffee grinders to date. Out of the box, The Ode offers fantastic value, but it also leaves open the option of aftermarket burner upgrades, further optimizing the grind quality for any non espresso brew method.


Fellow Ode Gen2 Coffee Grinder

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Quality and Precision

At heart, the Ode is what we consider a single dose grinder. Instead of grinding by a program time. This design is optimized for users who prefer to pre-measure coffee beans by weight or volume. This design choice allows for a short hopper and an overall more minimalist profile to take up less space in the kitchen. This Generation 2 model features a slightly larger 100 gram hopper compared to the original 80 gram hopper, and that allows for the user to grind about one and a half liters of coffee at once without having to refill the hopper. The new hopper also has a steeper angle, allowing for a better feed and preventing coffee beans from getting stuck up top. With this new hopper, the Ode's height stands just below 9.8 inches and the width and depth remain the same at 9.4 inches and 4.1 inches.

On the face of the Grinder is a prominent stepped adjustment wheel with 31 available grind settings. There's plenty of room to dial in for any brewed coffee method within this range, but this adjustment is not built with micro adjustments for espresso. Keep in mind the Ode is a brewed coffee-focused grinder and is not the best choice to pair with an espresso machine.

Like the original ode, a magnetic grounds catch makes alignment with the spout seamless, and this plastic lid helps prevent some grounds and chaff from floating out onto the counter. This catch is also larger than the original catch to accommodate the larger capacity of the new 100 gram hopper.

One of the better improvements implemented in the Gen2 is a de-ionizing technology at the chute, which helps mitigate much of the static electricity created during grinding, and therefore the retention of grounds and chaff, especially when compared to the original Ode. The Gen2 produces significantly less mess by keeping the grounds static free and preventing coffee from sticking to the grinder. If you're frustrated with a messy grinder at home, this is by far the cleanest solution available, even compared to other grinders at exponentially higher price points. the new Ode is also equipped with the same knocker to help hammer out any remaining particles in the chute after a grind cycle, but there really shouldn't be.

The Ode is activated by a single push button on the base and the grinder will continue to run until shortly after it senses that all of the coffee beans have been ground. It takes several seconds to turn off, but this feature does allow you to walk away and do other things while the grinder finishes the cycle and then powers itself down.

Arguably the greatest improvement in the new Ode is the Gen2 burr set, which does away with the interlocking design and finally allows users to grind down to 250 to 300 microns. This is plenty fine enough for Moka Pot, Aeropress and any single cup pour over. On the other end of the spectrum, the Gen2 burs are also capable of grinding coarse enough for cold brew and other long immersion methods like French press. These burrss offer ample clarity and sweetness and a medium body. If you're interested in a cut profile with increased clarity and lower body. The Ode's 64 millimeter burr platform is compatible with aftermarket burrs like the SSP Multipurpose Burrs. Overall, upgrading the burs won't revolutionize the cup quality, because the Gen2 burrs are great, but the SSP upgrade option is there if you want more clarity and slightly improved grind quality.

In terms of noise, the Gen2 operates around 80 decibels or so, which is the same as the original model. It's certainly not quiet, but it also doesn't have an obnoxious tone to it. It's a pretty even tone. Here's what it sounds like to grind 20 grams for a single cup at a medium grind.

That's the Fellow Ode Gen2 coffee grinder. If you're looking for the best value in a home flat burr coffee grinder with super low retention and no mess, check out this grinder at Thanks for watching.

Feb 3rd 2023

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