Video Overview | Fetco 2200 NG Brewers

Video Overview | Fetco 2200 NG Brewers

Dec 8th 2023 Written by Ryan Felbinger


I'm Ryan from Prima and this is the Fetco Next Generation series Commercial Coffee Brewer.

Fetco 2232 NG Brewer

Fetco 2232 NG Coffee Brewer

Fast, Efficient, Easily Servicable

Building on the success of Fetco’s XTS Line, the NG or 2200 series brewers have been thoughtfully updated with new features to enhance both serviceability and user experience for easier programing. The NG Brewers include all of the same variable controls as the XTS, including brew volume, temperature, pre-brew and brew times and the frequency of shower head pulses. Also carried over is the cascading spray dome which magnetically attaches to the body for simple removal and cleaning and is also resistant to hard water scale keeping your flow rate consistent over time. What's new in the NG is this touch screen which is far higher resolution than the XTS screen and is also extremely responsive, much like a smartphone, ultimately making navigation faster and more simple.

The NG is now equipped with precision, volumetric programming for the hot water spout, doing away with the spigot design and instead relying on the touch screen to program and dispense water in precise measurements. On the top right of the machine is a new brew light indicator which alerts the barista if the machine is mid brew cycle, or if the machine is ready to brew again. Allowing someone to gather information about what's going on from a distance. Internally, the NG Series has been updated with a new electrical lattice front panel access for servicing laser welded tanks for better durability and valves that can be removed and replaced without any tools. Fetco was careful to listen to service technicians feedback and build in easier internal access and greater durability in the NG Series.

The primary difference between the new Extractor plus series and the NG series behind me is that touch screen programable hot water dispensing versus spigot, greater control over frequency of brew pulses during a cycle and a bypass valve in some of the larger models which allow you to dilute coffee. There's also a brew light indicator on the NG, which is not present in the 1200 series.

These brewers come with the option of highly durable plastic baskets for optimal heat retention and cost savings, but stainless brew baskets are included in some variants or can be ordered independently if you prefer. Understanding the model number seems a little confusing at first. It's actually not too bad. As the model numbers increase, so does the hourly brewing capacity and power. For example, 20 to 30 is the smallest brewer 20 to 40 and 20 to 50 offer higher power and hourly brew capacity. The fourth digit in the model number like 2231 or 2232 indicates whether the model is a single station or a dual station. Various voltage and wattage options are available for each model to help accommodate power and capacity needs. Refer to the spec table at the bottom of Prima's listings for more information about how each option is configured. That's it for the Fetco NG series brewers. Check them out at Thanks for watching.

Dec 8th 2023 Ryan Felbinger

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