Video Overview | HeyCafe HC-600

Video Overview | HeyCafe HC-600

Feb 13th 2023 Written by Ryan Felbinger

I'm Ryan from Prima and this is the HeyCafe HC-600 commercial espresso grinder. HeyCafe is a newer brand to the US, but it's owned and operated by the Hemro group, which also operates Malkhonig, Ditting and the Anfim brands,which you're probably familiar with. Developed as an economical alternative to those brands, the HeyCafe is a very capable grinder, but also very modest in price.Let's take a closer look at it.


HeyCafe HC-600

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Economy Commercial Espresso Grinding

So the HC-600 has a 3.3 pound hopper. Below that there is a sliding gate to allow beans into the hopper. And then here we have a stepless grind adjustment. Below that we have the digital display with three available programs for grind time. These are adjustable in seconds and tenths of a second, and you get up to three programs. Okay, to change the program, just select one to change time. Simply turn the dial and let go and it starts flashing. You can press the button again to save it. This is a pulse button, and then this up here is the shot counter. Per program it tells you how many cycles have been run on each of these programs.Below that is the chute and the micro switch which activates the grind program.So to do that, we do need to hold the portafilter in place against the micro switch. So let's select our 7.8 second shot and hold it in. So compared to other grinders out there, that's not the fastest. But this is great for that single origin shot or that decaf shot that comes every once in a while.

Inside the HC-600 is a 64 millimeter tool steel Burr Set, Which is rated for about 3,300 pounds throughput. 64 millimeters is a very popular platform because there are lots of alternative aftermarket burrs available. The HeyCafe bars are great, but this also allows you some space to upgrade down the road if you want.

Overall,the HC-600 is perfect as a secondary option for busy cafes, maybe as single-dose grinder or for decaf. It's probably not ideal as the primary espresso grinder for a busy cafe because of its speed. But if coffee is secondary to your business, this may be something to consider. Check out the HeyCafe HC-600 and the rest of the HeyCafe line at Thanks for watching!

Feb 13th 2023 Ryan Felbinger

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