Video Overview | Knock Aergrind

Video Overview | Knock Aergrind

Dec 5th 2022 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

The all-new Knock Aergrind is the perfect travel companion if you're looking to grind your coffee beans on the go. Its compact frame fits perfectly into the Aeropress making it ideal for all forms of travel while its full grind range and stepless adjustment allows grinding for any brew method. Learn all about its new and improved features in our latest overview.


Knock Aergrind

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Perfect for travel

Hey there, it's Ragan from Prima Coffee, and this is the all new Knock Aergrind. Knock has released an updated version of the Aergrind and it maintains all of the features that we love about the Aergrind, like it's portable size and stepless grind adjustment, but with new refined features.

It comes with two silicone grip band options. You have the orange or the black. It's just a matter of preference. And it has a travel-friendly silicone band that allows you to take the crank arm off, store it comfortably in the side, and it makes it even better for travel. So the crank arm on this model is 20% thicker than the previous, and you definitely feel that additional stability when you're grinding compared to the previous model. It has a really pretty walnut pommel at the end, A magnetic lid with laser-etched grind settings. It has a threaded grinds catch and this model stands a little bit taller and slimmer than the previous. It's 6.5 inches tall but it still maintains a hopper capacity of 20 to 25 grams. It also is equipped with 38 millimeter conicle tin burrs, which are the same burrs as the previous model, but they are not coated in ceramic. And it has a sturdier axle and bearings.

So what makes the Aergrind unique and really stand out from other hand grinders is that it was designed to fit perfectly into your AeroPress. So this makes it the perfect option for travel, whether you're backpacking with limited space for your coffee equipment, or if you are looking to make a single cup at home and you want a grinder with a full grind range and a stepless grind adjustment.

All right, so let's go ahead and grind with Aergrind. We're gonna grind for an AeroPress. There's 14 grams in the hopper right now. And it would be a medium fine setting which is one and a half rotations. One full revolution on the Aergrind has 36 tick marks. So a good way to gauge your grind settings is by revolution. And then how many ticks additionally after that. So I'm going to grind. The Aergrind poses a very smooth grinding process, and you can grind for the finer grind ranges pretty quickly and without a lot of struggle.

So some loose grinding parameters for the Aergrind is if you're looking for that really fine grind like espresso or Turkish, it's gonna be between the burrs touching and that first full revolution. So somewhere between the zero and the one revolution. If you're looking for a medium fine grind like we did with the AeroPress, or like a single cup V60, you will do one full revolution, and then stop somewhere before you hit that second revolution mark. For medium, same thing, two full revolutions, and then find your tick marks. And for course, you need to do three revolutions and find a good stopping point there. Because it's step-less, you can can make those really fine adjustments and really dial it into perfection.

So the Aergrind, like any grinder, has some limitations. In this case, it is if you're trying to grind for larger batch sizes, you are not capable of doing that With the Aergrind. You have at most a 25 gram hopper capacity which it being designed for travel that should be plenty for a single cup on the go.

So this is the Knock Aergrind. It is a great travel companion and you can find it online at Feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments below, and I'll see you next time.

Dec 5th 2022 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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