Video Overview | Lotus Coffee Water Kit

Video Overview | Lotus Coffee Water Kit

Feb 16th 2023 Written by Ryan Felbinger

I'm Ryan from Prima and this is the Lotus Water kit. Lotus Coffee Water is a customized solution for coffee and espresso brewing at home, consisting of four separate mineral solutions and a glass mixing bottle for single cup brewing. What sets it apart from other water solutions is the ability to tailor your water with precise amounts of minerals to complement the flavor profile of certain coffees.


Lotus Water Kit

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Tailored Coffee Water

This kit includes two minerals for hardness, calcium and magnesium, and two minerals for alkalinity. Those are potassium and sodium. Using base recipes provided by Lotus Coffee products, we can create recipes that highlight or counteract brightness and acidity or increase body and sweetness. Simply mix a number of droplets with a measure of distilled or reverse osmosis water and shake it up in the included 450 milliliter mixing glass or in a one gallon jug or one liter jug of R.O.or distilled water. If you want, you can even add droplets directly to your coffee or espresso to get a similar effect.

So I'm going to set up for two different brews with two different water recipes. We're then going to taste those and then describe the differences between them. So my first water recipe is called ‘light and bright’ and this is a recipe created by Lance Hedrick to highlight acidity and clean flavors in coffee. To do this, we're going to need 60 parts per million of general hardness, and that's going to be calcium. And then we're also going to need 25 parts per million of alkalinity.In this case, that's going to be potassium. So I'm going to use our 450 milliliter mixing glass and then first measure out that amount of distilled water. First goes in six drops of calcium, six and five drops of potassium. Okay. And that's it. I'm going to put the lid back on and give this a shake. And there's our brew water. Now, I'm going to come over here and heat this up in our kettle. Okay.Our second recipe is called simple and sweet. And this is a blend of all four minerals, and it's designed to help accentuate sweetness and bring out a little bit more body in the brew.So to do this, we're going to measure out 450 ml. one more time, then we're going to add six drops of calcium and three drops of magnesium, three drops of potassium, and lastly, five drops of sodium. Once again, tighten that up. Give it a good shake and heat this in another kettle.

So what I'm going to do is brew two flat bottom brews with my Orea V3 side by side. I'm going to taste them and describe the differences that I perceive, and then I'm going to grab someone from the office who doesn't have a clue what we're doing and ask them to taste and describe the differences between the two cups. Okay, so we've brewed our two recipes. Let's give these a taste. First up, I'm going to taste the light and bright recipe. Okay, Nice, up front, acidity. It's pretty sweet, too, though. Kind of a disappearing clean finish on that one. Okay, Now let's try our simple and sweet recipe. Hmm. So this is very similar, but the acidity is muted back, so there's more balance, I think, in this cup. And it also just feels a little bit heavier on my tongue, like a little bit more body. Both cups are delicious.I think for this particular coffee, this washed bourbon. I'm going to go with the simple and sweet on this one. There's a distinct difference. This one, The light and bright highlights, acidity really well. This one creates more balance. Kind of highlights that sweetness by a sort of muting out the acidity that's more up front in here. So I'm going to grab a team member,come in here and ask them to taste the differences between these coffees.They have no idea what I'm doing. They're just going to taste and tell me what they think. Here we go. All right. So I brought my colleague Copley in.Come on over and Copley, I'm going to have you taste these two coffees. I just want you to tell me kind of basically the foundational sort of conditions of taste, like body acidity, clarity that makes sense?. “Yeah!” Okay, cool. So the first one (Light and Bright). Taste, that. Any initial impressions? “Um, Yeah.This one has a lot more body, I would say, but this one (Simple and Sweet) overall tastes more balanced.” Okay. “That one maybe has more acidity as well. Or maybe I'm wrong. I feel like this one has a nicer finish (Light and Bright) and lingers less on my tongue. It kind of disappears faster.” Okay, so overall, this one had a cleaner finish. You said this one was more balanced. And which one would you say had more body to it? “This one (Light and Bright). That one had more body. Okay. Which one would you vote had a little bit more acidity? “Mm. It's hard.This one (Simple and Sweet). That one has more acidity.” Mm hmm. Okay, cool. Thanks for contributing! “Yeah, no problem!”. All right, so those are Copley’s observations. Some of those were different from my own. In any case, I think it is clear that you can taste the difference between these coffees. Some of our observations overlapped and some of them didn't. So take that for what it's worth. So that is the lotus coffee water kit. Check it out at Thanks for watching.

Feb 16th 2023 Ryan Felbinger

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