Video Overview | Marco POUR'D Beverage Dispenser

Video Overview | Marco POUR'D Beverage Dispenser

Nov 17th 2023 Written by Ryan Felbinger


I'm Ryan from Prima, and this is the Marco POUR’D Beverage Dispenser.

Marco POUR'D Beverage Dispenser

Acaia Orbit Coffee Grinder

A Dynamic Quick-Serve Solution

The Marco POUR’D three button beverage dispenser is a dynamic quick serve solution designed to volumetrically dose and combine a coffee concentrate or syrup with ambient cold, hot or carbonated water with just one touch of a button. Instead of kegging liquids under pressure for delivery through a tap Pour’d utilizes a consolidated under counter control box to draw liquids or concentrates from an available container, negating the need to continually refill air tanks. POUR’D’s ability to pump liquids and combine different ingredients in precise percentage ratios, makes it an incredibly versatile tool for any cafe, simplifying bar flow and speeding up drink service. With POUR’D, you can quickly connect the system to any bag in the box cold brew, concentrate or ready to drink beverage using the appropriate bag in the box fitting included with the unit or simply drape the intake line into your own refrigerated container. POUR’D is not designed to work with pressurized kegs.

Beginning with a concentrate of your choosing, POUR’D can instantly dispense a shot of concentrate alone, allowing you to finish with milk and ice for an iced latte. Program one of the two buttons on the font to mix a precise percentage of coffee concentrate with flat water for a properly diluted cold brew, then finish with ice. For the third button, program a different volume of cold brew to accommodate a large sized cup. This is just one example of how each of the three buttons on POUR’D can be used.

POUR’D is able to dispense and dilute almost any concentrate with your choice of ambient, cold, sparkling and or hot water, depending on the configuration and the components. A Marco chiller/carbonator and or mix hot water boiler are required for cold, sparkling and hot water dilution respectively. Dilution occurs in-stream for ambient cold and sparkling water and in a separate stream for hot water, contact us and let us know how you'd like to run your POUR’D and we'll help you get the right equipment in order to make it happen.

So what I'm going to do is go through and show you how each of my three buttons are set up. They're set up respectively for a 16 a 24 ounce cold brew and then a cold brew concentrate for an iced latte. Okay. So first thing, I'm going to put the cup down. I'm going to use my middle button. When I press it, it's going to mix a measure of ambient water with a cold brew concentrate that I've brewed previously at a ratio of about 28% to get that strength right. And in just a few seconds, POUR’D will fill this up halfway with a properly diluted cold brew, which I can then quickly top with ice. Okay, Next, same thing. But for a large size, I don't have a large sized cup here with me, but you get the idea. Okay. The next thing we're going to do is dispense a shot of cold brew for an iced latte. Okay. Which we're going to top off with milk and ice. So just like that, there's our shot. There's no dilution happening here. All I have to do is top it off with the milk and some ice. So in terms of simplifying the process of iced lattes and in cold brew service, this really could not be a more efficient solution. So I think this represents the way that most cafes are going to use POUR’D. However, there is an option to connect POUR’D to a Marco Mix Boiler and there is a dedicated spout on the back of POUR’D for hot water. If you want. It can be used exactly the same way to dilute a concentrate in, say, something like an Americano or even just plain hot water If you want to program one of the buttons that way.

Let's take a look at the control box as well to see what's going on down there. Okay. So let's take a look at what we've got going on beneath the counter here. This is a little bit rigged up. This isn't exactly what you would see in a cafe, but for the purposes of this video, it's just a way to show you how the Marco POUR’D works. So what we have is a bottle full of cold brew concentrate that's hooked up with a push fitting and a half inch line here. Now, normally what you'd want to do is connect to something like a bag in the box, which is a box of high strength, very high strength, cold brew. Concentrate that you can buy directly from a lot of roasters now. You can just buy them online as well. If you want to brew your own cold brew, concentrate more power to you. In that scenario, this would probably need to be a fridge, and you just want to drill some holes to the top of it, kind of like you would in a nitro cold brew situation so that you can keep that cold if it sits for a long period of time. All right. Let's move on to the actual controller unit. So inside this is a pump and it has a flow meter and basically a computer for us to program our drinks. So to enter the menu, just tap the three buttons and here are three buttons back to front. So as you can see here, I have two cold brew dilution recipes. This is my large size at 272 mls and then this is my medium size at 200 mls, and both are at a 30% dilution. So 30% of 200 or 272 is concentrate. And to change those very easily, just scroll through plus minus, change milliliters up, down. Okay. We can also change the type of dilution happening. So this is set up for cold or ambient water. If I scroll through, I can select hot water for this spout and then there's also ready to drink, which is plain concentrate. You can see the percentage for dilution is gone. This is just the amount of pure concentrate that I want to draw, say as an espresso concentrate for an iced latte. And that's really it. You get three buttons here outside of this menu. There are some settings for calibration, but that is the control unit. And that is the Marco POUR’D beverage dispenser. Check it out at Thanks for watching.

Nov 17th 2023 Ryan Felbinger

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