Video Overview | Timemore C2 Max

Video Overview | Timemore C2 Max

Jan 28th 2022 Written by Reagan Jones

The C2 Max is the second iteration of the Timemore Chestnut C2. Featuring the same affordable price point and impressive grinding capabilities, the Max now offers up a larger capacity and upgraded build quality.


Timemore C2 Max

Updated, Larger Capacity

Hey there, it's Reagan from Prima Coffee and today we are checking out the Timemore C2 Max. The C2 Max is the second iteration of the Timemore Chestnut C2. And just like its predecessor, it is a quality grinder that is affordable. It is equipped with 38-millimeter conical steel burrs that provide a grind range from a single cup pour over all the way to cold brew. It has 23 stepped adjustments and a hopper and grinds capacity of about 30 grams which makes it a great option if you're looking to grind for two cups of coffee. It's also available in two colors. There's the white option and the black option. The white option has this really nice smooth texture, whereas the black, which is more like a gunmetal gray, has a checkered pattern that provides extra grip, that has a different feel in the hands for sure. What makes the C2 Max stand out is its affordability. And Timemore has managed to do this by making some of the hardware made out of plastic. But they're only in places that really have no effect on the quality of grind you're going to get. So your hopper lid and your axle support are made of plastic, but the body, grinds catch, and adjustment wheel are all made of steel and aluminum. The C2 Max is a great option for the home brewer that is wanting a quality grinder without spending too much money. If your daily coffee routine looks like a pour-over, one or two for you and a friend, or a cold brew, this is a really great option. And let me show you how it works. The speed in which you can grind with the C2 really has a lot to do with the beans you're grinding and how fine you're grinding. But today we're going to grind 20 grams for a pour-over at 13 clicks. And at this setting, you can grind 20 grams in about 45 seconds and it's a very smooth grinding process which is really nice. There are a couple of limitations to the C2 Max. You cannot grind for Turkish or espresso with it. It would take several minutes to grind at those really fine settings and then when it comes time to pull a shot, it's much quicker than you'd want for your desired results. The C2 Max is a great option if you're on the market for an affordable quality hand grinder .

Jan 28th 2022 Reagan Jones

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