Why Your Story Matters

Why Your Story Matters

Dec 21st 2021 Written by Ragan LaTour-Kelley

Stories have captivated the minds and hearts of listeners and readers for ages. Through the outlets of spoken word, written language, and cinema, the art of storytelling has brought people together through the understanding of collective experiences — building trust, inspiring, and making lasting impressions on the minds of those who listen.

Now, even in the heart of the digital age, storytelling has lived on. Whether it’s through blogs, social media, or advertising, it remains a prominent feature in our day-to-day lives, despite presenting itself in a new way. Although days of sitting around the campfire sharing stories or enchanting the imaginations of young children with mystical fables at bedtime have become more scarce, everyone still has a story of their own to tell, and you and your coffee shop are no different. Your story is unique to you and has the ability to capture the minds and hearts of your customers.

The process of writing those thoughts and experiences may seem daunting at first, but with the right tools and brainstorming, you can allure your customers and take them along for the journey — beginning with where you started and leading them to where you’re headed. We have provided a helpful download made up of several questions that can help you tap into what inspired your business and what it aims to do. So take your time, and enjoy the opportunity to share your story.

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Why a Brand Story?

A compelling narrative has the ability to tap into parts of the brain that can develop trust and break down barriers. In fact, the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies found that “character driven stories do consistently cause oxytocin synthesis in the brain.” The release of Oxytocin in the brain is directly connected to to trust and motivates cooperation with others. Your story, if compelling enough, is capable of affecting the mind and cooperation of your customers, simply by causing them to feel something.

Storytelling in marketing is a proven success. Think about the last time you read the story of someone’s hardships or experiences in making the world a better place. Perhaps you came across a painfully relatable, slightly embarrassing, story that made you laugh — regardless of what emotion it evoked, it caught your attention and built a connection, didn’t it? It made you feel something, provided you with a human experience, something much more than just a sign or ad telling you an item is 15% off. Storytelling gives a new outlet for potential customers to find you, embark on your journey with you, and build lasting connections.

How to Build Your Story

If you break down any good story there is an evident beginning, middle and end, as well as a problem and a solution. If you reflect back on your journey to this point, the obstacles you faced to open a coffee shop, or life experiences that helped to uncover your passion and desire to open a cafe, you’ll likely uncover numerous problems you faced, influential experiences, funny mishaps, and ultimately the outcomes and solutions to those events. An easy way to do this is to pinpoint a single, defining experience and build on that. Once you've brainstormed and chosen your story, think about breaking it down this way:

  • Beginning: What inspired you to open a coffee shop? Was there a defining moment when you knew that coffee was your passion and you needed to share it with the world? Or perhaps you sought out to find something in your local coffee scene, and when you failed to find it, you decided to create it yourself. Explain this experience.

  • Middle: Explain how you overcame the obstacles that brought you to this point, or what you hope to bring to the community through your business. What do you hope to provide to your customers?

  • End: Lastly, now that you've explained the inspiration behind your vision, what you hope to accomplish and provide through your coffee shop, let your customers know how you're going to get there, what the future will look like. This is what sets you apart from the competition.

Check out some great example of brand stories from Devoción, Minor Figures, and Quills Coffee.

As you explore dive deeper into these brands, you'll see that their story is evident throughout their branding. For example, Minor Figures, as brief as their story may be, explains that they are an "unlikely mob," and this unique quirkiness is apparent through their packaging, social media accounts, and merch.

Your story should also capture your brand voice and personality. Writing a heartfelt, tear-jerker of a brand story while your overall brand is bright and upbeat, won't align properly. Remain authentic to yourself and your brand.

Last but not least, share your story everywhere! Give people the opportunity to engage with it, become familiar with it, and become captivated with your brand.

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Now that you know how to begin writing your brand story, we want to leave you with a few tips. Remember, above all else, your story is yours to tell, it's what makes you unique and sets you apart from the rest. Your story gives you the chance to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Make sure to take time to brainstorm, realize, and appreciate how far you've come, and then share it with the world!

If you'd like further assistance in planning your coffee shop, we'd love to help! Feel free to reach out to our commerical services team, and be sure to join the Prima Coffee Community Industry Pro Space for additional resources and join the conversation with other industry professionals.

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Dec 21st 2021 Ragan LaTour-Kelley

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