Large Hopper (2 kg) for Acaia Orion

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This larger sized add-on hopper for the Acaia Orion makes managing larger volumes of green or roasted coffee much easier. It twists on using the existing bayonet mount, and it's even compatible with certain Mahlkonig grinders!


1.95 lbs
8 in
8 in
12 in


If you're in need of a larger capacity hopper for your Acaia Orion bean doser, this 2 kilogram solution should fit the bill. Using the same bayonet-style fitting as the standard 500 gram hopper, this hopper swaps on and off with a quick twist. It includes a shut-off gate as well so you can keep beans inside and switch as needed. For larger jobs like dosing out beans for batch brew or sample bags, this hopper is a lifesaver. We've been using one of these hoppers to help us dose out beans for our Green Coffee Samplers!


  • Large 2000 gram capacity
  • Includes shut-off gate
  • Made of durable polycarbonate
  • Quick-twist bayonet fitting
  • Compatible with some Mahlkonig grinders


Model: Orion Hopper 2 Kg (AA015)
Hopper capacity: Approx 2000 grams
Dimensions: 200mm(W) x 280mm(H) / 7.87in(W) x 11.02in(H)
Material: Polycarbonate
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