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Acaia Pearl Digital Scale with Bluetooth

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On its own, the Pearl scale is in the running for Prima's Favorite Brewing Scale of 2015 -- it's got a 2000 gram capacity, 2 ms response time, touch-sensitive controls, and a spill-proof outer shell. There's also a built-in timer, adding even more convenience to your brewing kit. It's even got its own internal battery with a 25 hour life, so you won't have to worry about buying another pack of AAs again. Plus, since it uses a standard micro USB adapter to charge, finding the right cable to use has never been easier.

Where the Pearl scale really comes to life is with its companion app, available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Simply fire up the app, connect your mobile device to the Pearl via Bluetooth 4.0, and enhance your brews with a new feature-rich experience. The Acaia Coffee app is a robust tool to augment your brewing routine, allowing for custom recipes, quick ratio calculations, social sharing, and in-depth records of your best brews. The best part: since it's a mobile app, Acaia is able to update and add new features for you to use, pushed directly to your phone or tablet. And with their development kit, Acaia have opened the doors for third party developers to create their own companion apps to offer an even broader functionality to an already incredible brewing scale.

The Acaia Coffee App

Currently in version 2.0, the Acaia Coffee app offers a considerable amount of extra features on top of the Pearl's basic functions. The app offers access to scale settings like an auto-off timer and noise muting, plus displays scale information such as the device name and battery power remaining. The main menu contains four additional options: Acaia Feed, Remote Scale, Converter, and Coffee Note

Acaia Feed: This is the main social hub of the Acaia app, where you can create and edit your coffee profile, find and add friends, as well as check out their brews, and add your own beans to your Stash or share a brew of your own. You can even import contacts from Twitter and Facebook, or find friends by email address, to build out your network of coffee buddies.

Remote Scale: If you're just looking to quickly get a brew going, this is the option for you. The Remote Scale displays a handy timer, the scale readout in grams, a tare button, and a graphical representation of your brew. Add your ground coffee, hit tare, start the timer, and get brewing - it's that easy!

Converter: This is by far our favorite tool so far, even when we're not brewing on a Pearl scale! Quickly calculate your coffee and water mass for any brewing ratio using the convenient and easy to use fields. You can even set the current scale output in grams to either your bean or water mass, so you can easily weigh out your beans and find the right amount of water to use in seconds. That means you don't need to break out the abacus at 6 AM!

Coffee Note: Deceptively simple in title, this is the menu option that holds the most potential. Within are three subcategories: Coffee Shot, Brewing Print, and Bean Stash. A Coffee Shot is a quick captioned image meant for sharing - just snap a shot of your current tasty coffee beverage, type out your thoughts, and send it off to your friends' feeds. Your Bean Stash is a repository of your current or favorite beans, and includes options for green coffee for the home roasters out there. You can add all kinds of info about the beans, tasting notes, roast info, and more, and access it later when logging your Brewing Prints.

Brewing Prints are one of the most unique features of the app, which allow you to record your brews and include everything from the beans you used, the ratio, and the method, all the way down to the minute details of your pours thanks to a handy interactive graph that accompanies each brew. Brewing Prints can be saved and shared, making it easy to go back to a great brew and repeat the results. You can even use Brewing Prints to train new baristas on bar, or teach a class of budding enthusiasts about the basics of extraction. This is versatile data that will prove to be indispensible to the nerdiest numbers fanatics out there (just like us!).

Get the free Acaia Coffee App

What's in the box:
  • Acaia Pearl Scale
  • Heat-resistant silicone pad
  • Micro USB charging cable
Pearl Scale Features:
  • 2000 gram capacity, 0.1 gram resolution
  • 2 ms response time
  • Touch-sensitive Power and Tare buttons
  • Recessed LCD screen
  • Spill-proof surface
  • Rubberized base to prevent slipping
  • USB rechargeable internal battery with 25 hour life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
Acaia Coffee App Features
  • Available on iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Remote Scale: quickly brew at-a-glance
  • Converter: Calculate ratios based on scale inputs for water and coffee weight
  • Brewing Print: Live-graph and record your brews, then share or analyze them
  • Store brew settings for 13 different devices, plus 3 custom timers (v. 2)
  • Record your current and past Bean Stash, including options for green coffee for home roasters
  • Create your own Acaia social profile, find and add friends, and connect and share to Facebook or Twitter
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