Acaia Pearl Digital Scale with Bluetooth (Firmware Option A)

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  • Acaia Pearl Digital Scale with Bluetooth
  • Acaia Pearl Digital Scale with Bluetooth
  • Acaia Brewing Scale Mobile App
  • Acaia Brewing Scale Mobile App
  • Acaia Pearl Digital Scale in Black
  • Acaia Pearl Digital Scale in Black


On its own, the Pearl scale is in the running for Prima's Favorite Brewing Scale of 2015 -- it's got a 2000 gram capacity, 2 ms response time, touch-sensitive controls, and a spill-proof outer shell. There's also a built-in timer, adding even more convenience to your brewing kit. It's even got its own internal battery with a 25 hour life, so you won't have to worry about buying another pack of AAs again. Plus, since it uses a standard micro USB adapter to charge, finding the right cable to use has never been easier.

Where the Pearl scale really comes to life is with its companion app, available on both iOS and Android mobile platforms. Simply fire up the app, connect your mobile device to the Pearl via Bluetooth 4.0, and enhance your brews with a new feature-rich experience. The Acaia Coffee app is a robust tool to augment your brewing routine, allowing for custom recipes, quick ratio calculations, social sharing, and in-depth records of your best brews. The best part: since it's a mobile app, Acaia is able to update and add new features for you to use, pushed directly to your phone or tablet. And with their development kit, Acaia have opened the doors for third party developers to create their own companion apps to offer an even broader functionality to an already incredible brewing scale.

Firmware Version 2.0

Starting in September 2017, all Pearl scales will have new firmware with new features enabled. This firmware update is available for all Pearl scales and can be obtained by using Acaia's firmware upgrade app, available for both iOS and Android.

As Acaia's release blog details, the new firmware features 6 scale modes, numbered 0-5. There are also two firmware versions available - Option A and Option B. Both versions have all of the new modes installed, but have different modes enabled by default. All the modes can be manually enabled using the scale's settings menu, as described in the product manual. Option A has modes 0, 2, and 5 enabled by default. Option B has modes 0, 2, 3, 4, and 5 enabled by default.

  • Mode 0: Weight only mode, always enabled.
  • Mode 1: Espresso mode. Displays a timer up to 59 seconds and weight in grams.
  • Mode 2: Timer mode. Displays a timer up to 9:99 and weight in grams.
  • Mode 3: Auto-start mode. Displays a timer up to 9:99 and weight in grams. When brew materials are placed on the scale, the tare button is pressed to tare their weight, and the timer digits will flash. Then the user may start pouring and the scale will automatically start a timer.
  • Mode 4: Beverage mode. Following the on-screen instructions, the user adds the brewing wares in sequence to be weighed and tared individually. A timer is added for the brewing process, and when the brew is done all but the cup/carafe are removed from the scale. The final beverage weight is displayed on the screen - very useful for measuring extraction!
  • Mode 5: Auto-tare mode. Displays weight in grams and "Atr" on the display. This mode automatically tares the items added to the scale.

Our stock of Pearl scales will all be set to Option A. Other modes may still be enabled by using the Pearl settings menu as listed in the product manual.

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What's in the box:
  • Acaia Pearl Scale
  • Heat-resistant silicone pad
  • Micro USB charging cable
Pearl Scale Features:
  • 2000 gram capacity, 0.1 gram resolution
  • 2 ms response time
  • Touch-sensitive Power and Tare buttons
  • Recessed LCD screen
  • Spill-proof surface
  • Rubberized base to prevent slipping
  • USB rechargeable internal battery with 25 hour life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity
Acaia Coffee App Features
  • Available on iOS and Android mobile platforms
  • Remote Scale: quickly brew at-a-glance
  • Converter: Calculate ratios based on scale inputs for water and coffee weight
  • Brewing Print: Live-graph and record your brews, then share or analyze them
  • Store brew settings for 13 different devices, plus 3 custom timers (v. 2)
  • Record your current and past Bean Stash, including options for green coffee for home roasters
  • Create your own Acaia social profile, find and add friends, and connect and share to Facebook or Twitter
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