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Plunging the AeroPress

A Revolutionary Design

When thinking about iconic coffee brewers, the AeroPress Original Coffee Maker certainly makes the list, and for good reason. Despite being invented in just 2005, the AeroPress has amassed a tremendous following; mostly due to its ability to brew phenomenal coffee by the cup instead of batch brewing several cups at one time. As a total immersion brewer, all that is needed is the right water, a micro-filter paper, your favorite coffee, and the AeroPress, and you'll have a sweet, balanced cup in your hands in minutes.

Brewing with the AeroPress Original Coffee Maker

For Any Application

Paramount to its inception, the AeroPress delivers delicious single-serving cups of coffee by using a complete immersion technique. By using rapid immersion, the AeroPress helps to eliminate bitterness and harsh acidity while keeping sediment out of your cup. However, due to the versatility of the AeroPress, you can create a more concentrated brew similar to espresso-style coffee and add milk or a dairy alternative for lattes, cappuccinos, and more. The AeroPress is even commonly used to brew smooth, sweet iced coffees. Of all the manual coffee brewers available, the AeroPress is certainly one of the most versatile.

AeroPress Filter Holder

Compact, Light, & Simple

The AeroPress offers virtually any type of coffee that you possibly desire, and it does so in a travel-friendly, minimalist fashion. There are thousands of different AeroPress recipes out there for you to try, but two things remains the same: you're sure to get delicious coffee from this brewer, and cleaning the AeroPress is incredibly simple. Once you've pressed the water through the bed of coffee, simply push out the coffee puck with the plunger, throw away the micro-filter, and all of the parts are open and ready to clean. The AeroPress promises to deliver high quality brews at home, at the office, or by the campfire.

"My husband received this as a gift. He was very pleased with the coffee taste and the ease of use of the maker. Thank you, Prima!"

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—Stacey C., Verified Buyer

"The AeroPress is really convenient, easy to use and doesn't take up counter space. Makes really good coffee too! Love it!"

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—Stephanie G., Verified Buyer

"Very easy to use, makes amazing coffee. A mix between a French press and an espresso shot in one small unit. Very happy with my purchase."

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—Stuart A., Verified Buyer




    Capable of Multiple Brewing Styles


    Easy to Clean


    BPA-Free Plastic Retains Heat

More Features

Offers Sweet & Balanced Extraction

Simple Brewing Process

Offers One to Three Servings

Light & Compact

Full Immersion Eliminates Bitterness


Materials: BPA-Free Plastic
Dimensions: 11.75" (H) x 4.75" (W) x 4.5" (D)
Weight: 6.4 ounces

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