Baratza Vario W+ Coffee Grinder

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  • Baratza Vario W+ Coffee Grinder (Black)
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  • Baratza Vario W+ Coffee Grinder
  • Burr Removal Tool
  • Calibration Tool
  • Grounds Catch Bin
Baratza Vario W+ Coffee Grinder

A Continued Legacy

The next step in the award-winning Vario series, The Baratza Vario W+ offers exceptional grind quality for any brew method. Dialing in your preferred brew method is now easier than ever thank to the upgraded steel adjustment arms, and an integrated scale that allows for programmability for three presets to the tenth of a gram. An easy-to-read, backlit LCD display and an all metal grinding chambers sit inside of a modern, updated chassis that will look good wherever it sits and will deliver consistency and repeatability for whatever you may be brewing.

Baratza Vario W+ Coffee Grinder

Simplicity Meets Efficiency

The Vario W+ is built for the home barista that values consistency and efficiency above all else. Featuring an integrated scale, the Vario W+ allows you to choose your desired dose to the tenth of a gram and save it using one of the three available presets. Once you have your presets saved, simply choose the dose, press start, and your Vario W+ will grind until the target weight is achieved. An easy-to-read, backlit LCD display makes choosing your preferred dose simple, and barista lights allow you to see the amount of coffee that is being ground into the included catch bin.

Baratza Vario W+ Coffee Grinder

Built For Every Brew Method

Baratza's 54mm, flat steel burrs, and dual-sided macro and micro-stepped adjustments make the Vario W+ greater than the sum of its parts. Within each of the ten macro grind settings are twenty-two micro steps, giving you 220 grind settings that range all the way from a fine espresso to the coarsest cold brew. These adjustments allow for large changes and finely tuned precision for every brewing method. With the Vario W+, Baratza truly set out to build a grinder that suits the needs of every serious home barista without sacrificing longevity or reliability.


    Grinds from Espresso to Cold Brew


    Flat 54mm Steel Burrs


    Weight-Based Dosing


    Easy to Remove & Clean Burrs

More Features

Macro & Micro-Stepped Adjustments

Backlit LCD Display

Three Programmable Dose Presets

New Metal Adjustment Arms

Designed to be Repairable


Manufacturer: Baratza
Model: Vario W+
Burr Size: 54mm
Burr Material: Flat Steel
Hopper Capacity: 230g
Grounds Bin Capacity: 170g
Weight: 9 lbs.
Dimensions: 5" (W) x 14" (H) x 7" (D)
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