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Brewista Smart Scale II on a Linea Mini drip tray

Smart Scale

The Smart Scale II possesses all of the musts of an espresso-specific scale: it is compact, water-resistant, and precise down to the tenth of a gram (or ounce). Plus it has a timer, a welcome luxury or—depending on the cafe—a necessary component. Weighing a lightweight 240 grams and sitting a mere 4-inches wide by 5-inches deep, the Smart Scale II is a breeze to hold and maneuver with one hand—while the other is occupied with a portafilter or cup, for instance—and will fit securely on standard drip trays. In addition, the entire scale, including the buttons and display, is protected by a nano-coating, making it effectively water-resistant and appropriate for the damp environment on and around an espresso machine. Further defense against water is provided by the silicone pad that has the secondary—and very important—function of preventing inaccurate readings that might otherwise result from extreme temperatures on the surface.

Brewista Smart Scale II weighing an espresso demitasse

Smart Programs

The smart in the name has nothing to do with apps or Bluetooth connectivity. Instead, it refers to forethought, something far more important in the fast-paced, at times dizzying, daily work of a barista. The Brewista Smart Scale II knows what baristas need and has six pre-programmed modes to prove it. Of the first five, all dedicated to espresso, one is completely manual and the other four have various levels of automation, including two that automatically tare and time (one that starts the timer at zero and another that starts at first drop); one that automatically tares but requires manual time control; and one that automatically tares but does away with the timer altogether. The sixth and final mode, solely for pour-over methods, includes tare functions for the brewing vessel and the dose along with an automatic timer that begins when the coffee first hits the carafe.

Brewista Smart Scale II weighing an espresso demitasse

Smart Investment

Beyond the technology, Brewista has included a few touches that make it a smart investment. For instance, the vulnerable micro-USB port is protected by a silicone door, ensuring that water stays out of the important internal components while still allowing easy access for charging the lithium battery. In addition, this scale, unlike some other scales of its size, can accommodate large vessels like Chemex without the buttons and display being obscured. Simply put, this scale is bigger than its size and price suggests.


    2,000-gram Capacity


    Water Resistant


    Six Programs


    Precise to the Tenth of a Gram

More Features

Weighs in Grams or Ounces

Fits on Drip Trays

Auto Shut-Off

Protected USB-C Port

Silicone Pad


Model: Brewista Smart Scale II
Product Dimensions: 4" x 5" x .85" (W x L x D)
Weight: 240 g
Weighing Resolution: 0.1 g
Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion
Charging Port: USB-C

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