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Cold Bruer
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The cold brew craze is sweeping the nation, and coffee enthusiasts everywhere are turning to ways to make this easy, smooth, and oh-so-tasty beverage at home. Enter the Cold Bruer, a product you may recognize from the successful Kickstarter campaign. The Cold Bruer is a stylish and modern cold-drip brewer that allows you to make delicious cold brew coffee quickly and easily right at home. It is also a great alternative to our previous endeavors in DIY cold-drip at home.

Cold brew coffee is renowned for its low acidity, smooth taste, and ease of brewing. All you really need to make cold brew is some ground coffee, water, a container, and plenty of time. With a product like the Cold Bruer, however, that process is streamlined and made more efficient, allowing you to brew in 4-8 hours instead of 12-18. Utilizing a slow drip process, the Cold Bruer can extract just as much flavor as a cold immersion brew, while using a slightly finer grind and requiring less dilution after brewing. The result is about 20 ounces of fresh cold brew that you can keep in your fridge for about a week, using the special silicone lid to keep air out and maintain freshness.

How to brew:

Bruer recommend using about 60 grams (roughly 2/3 cup) of coffee at a medium grind, to 24 ounces of mixed ice and water - we recommend 12 ounces of each. Add your coffee to the brewing chamber, and level them by gently shaking the brewing tower. Add a paper filter to the top of the grounds, and moisten with just an ounce or two of cool water. Now, add the plug and valve into the tower, and twist the valve so it is aligned with the opening in the plug. Carefully add your ice and water to the top of the tower, and begin adjusting the flow valve.

Rotating the valve clockwise, adjust the drip rate until it hits about 1 drop per second. A slower drip will result in a longer brew time, which can help extract even more flavor from lighter roasts of coffee. The opposite goes for darker roasts: you may find you want the drips to fall just slightly faster than 1 per second. Be careful not to allow the water to drip too quickly, however, as 2 drips per second or more can result in a weak-tasting brew. Once brewed, simply remove the tower, gently push the lid into the carafe, and store in the refrigerator for up to a week.

  • Made of borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and food-grade silicone
  • Adjustable drip rate
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Makes about 20 oz. of cold brew coffee
  • Includes 100 paper filters
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