BWT Bestmax Premium Water Filtration Cartridge for Coffee and Espresso

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  • BWT best max Premium M Cartridge


The BWT bestmax Premium is a single cartridge water filtration system, perfect for home enthusiasts or commercial espresso applications. It is a quick and easy solution to reduce chlorine and sediment, improve taste and smell, prevent scale, and add advantageous minerals for coffee brewing. Notably, the AromaPlus formula includes magnesium, which helps stabilize the water's pH and increase coffee sweetness. By using this easy to install filtration system, you will see improved water quality, ideal for making coffee or espresso.

To use the BWT Cartridge, you will need the BWT Filter Head with Flush Valve. The filter head attaches to the top of the cartridge, allowing water to cycle through the cartridge. The flush valve enables you to easily replace cartridges and to purge the first few liters of water, a necessary step for purging air bubbles and excess resin before feeding the water into your equipment.

Before purchasing a cartridge, please refer to this table, as it will help you make a decision based on your water hardness.

This system only works in conjunction with the BWT Filter Head with Flush Valve. If you need one, be sure to add one on after clicking 'Add to cart.'

What's in the Box


  • The AromaPLUS formula adds a balance of minerals, including magnesium, to produce quality water for coffee brewing.
  • Removes carbonate hardness, protecting your equipment from scale build-up.
  • Extends the life of your equipment and reduces required maintenance.
  • Can be installed either vertically or horizontally.
  • Works with the BWT Filter Head with Flush Valve


Height: 18.7"
Width: 5.12"
Operating Pressure Range: 29-116 psi (2"“8 bar)
Required Inlet Temperature Range: 39"“86°F (1.67"“30°C)
BWT Bestmax Premium Filter Cartridge Hardness Retention Capacities
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