Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso Maker

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  • Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso Maker - Retro Green
  • Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso Maker - Cream White
  • Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso Maker - Blue
  • Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso Maker
  • Cafelat Robot Manual Lever Espresso Maker - Cream White
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Discover delightful retro style and fantastic extractions with the Cafelat Robot!

Calling back to classic sci fi movies of the black and white era, Cafelat's Robot evokes a fun retro aesthetic that will really stand out in your kitchen. But it's more than just looks - the Robot is a fully capable manual espresso maker that pulls shots just as well as fancier electric devices. Its professional quality portafilter has removable spouts for the convenience of switching between split shots and gorgeous bottomless pulls - no tools needed! It does not required any power to work, so wherever you can heat up water, you can also enjoy fresh and delicious coffee.

Though it may appear unconventional as an espresso maker, using the Robot is fairly straightforward and yields fantastic results. In the box you'll find a unique 57.5 mm steel basket, with its own steel dispersion screen, plus a fitted steel tamper. The basket holds about 20-25 grams of ground coffee, plus 70-80 mL of hot water, which gives you plenty of flexibility for experimenting with espresso styles. With a little practice you will be pulling shots on par with your favorite cafes! We do recommend pre-heating the portafilter and basket for best results, and usually just pouring some hot water through them before brewing does the trick. For more detailed instructions, have a look below:

How to use the Robot:

  1. Start by heating your water to about 205-210 F (you'll lose some heat as you pour, so we recommend starting hotter than you wish to brew)
  2. Measure and grind your dose of coffee - we like about 18-20 grams of coffee. Your grind size should be appropriate for espresso, meaning it will be fine-textured and slightly clumpy.
  3. Add the coffee to the basket, tap to settle, and then tamp firmly, as evenly and level as possible.
  4. Add the dispersion screen to the top of the tamped coffee.
  5. Add the hot water directly on top of the dispersion screen. For an 18 gram dose, we use around 60 grams of water to account for both the desired output and the water retained by the coffee puck.
  6. Insert the basket into the portafilter and prepare your cup.
  7. To insert the portafilter into the Robot, first raise the arms to raise the piston. Insert the portafilter with the handle straight out, and turn either left or right to lock in.
  8. Begin your extraction by softly lowering the arms. As you apply more force, you will typically feel more resistance.
  9. For a soft pre-infusion, gently apply pressure until the first drips of espresso fall into your cup.
  10. Firmly increase your pressure for the duration of the shot, and release pressure when you wish to stop your shot. If your flow is very slow or nothing is coming out of the basket, you may need to stop and try a more coarse grind.
  11. Tip: An Acaia Lunar scale will fit under the bottomless portafilter if placed diagonally!
  12. Once your shot is finished, raise the lever arms again and remove the portafilter.
  13. To clean up, knock out your puck, rinse and wipe the basket and portafilter, and wipe down the piston.
  14. Enjoy your tasty shot of espresso!

What's in the box:

  • Cafelat Robot Espresso Maker
  • Steel portafilter with detachable spouts
  • Professional single-wall steel brew basket and dispersion screen (NOT a pressurized basket)
  • Steel tamper
  • Silicone drip mat
  • Spare parts kit with silicone piston seal, silicone portafilter spout o-ring, and food safe grease
  • Features:

  • Manual espresso maker
  • Capable of true 9 bar shots
  • Retro aesthetic with fun color options
  • Steel portafilter, basket, and dispersion screen
  • Professional single-wall basket included (NOT a pressurized basket)
  • Basket holds up to 25 grams of ground coffee comfortably
  • Includes steel tamper
  • Detachable portafilter spouts with silicone o-ring seal
  • Can fit an Acaia Lunar scale
  • Requires source for hot water
  • Nonelectric - does not heat or steam
Model: Cafelat Robot - Standard Model
Operation: Manual Lever
Boiler Type: No boiler - requires source for hot water
Coffee basket capacity: Up to 25 g
Coffee basket volume: Approx. 145 mL (holds both ground coffee and water)
Coffee basket diameter: 57.5 mm
Height: 12 in | 19 in with arms raised
Width: 10 in
Depth: 6.5 in
Weight: 7.4 lb
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