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  • What's in the box

  • Cafelat Robot Espresso Maker
  • Steel portafilter with detachable spouts
  • Professional single-wall steel brew basket (NOT pressurized)
  • Steel dispersion screen
  • Steel tamper
  • Silicone drip mat
  • Spare parts kit with silicone piston seal, silicone portafilter spout o-ring, and food safe grease
robot standard delicious espresso

Delicious Espresso At Your Fingertips

If you can supply fresh ground coffee, hot water, and a little strength to provide pressure, you can make cafe quality espresso at home, in the office, or anywhere you like with the Cafelat Robot. Though its appearance might seem unconventional, the Robot is straightforward to use and provides you with all of the control you could expect from a manual espresso maker; you can experiment with long, short, or no preinfusion, varying brew ratios, temperatures, and more.

robot standard undeniable style

Undeniable Style

It's easy to focus on the smart mechanics and exceptional extractions that you get from the Robot, but it'd be a disservice to this little espresso maker to not mention its quirky and attention-grabbing design. It sports a look that feels like classic black and white science fiction, and comes in colors to match that aesthetic perfectly including cream, powder blue, and a satisfyingly retro green.

robot standard build quality

Build Quality You Can Rely On

Cafelat put serious care into selecting the materials and planning the construction of the Robot. The body and base are die-cast aluminum with a robust feel, while the other metal parts - the portafilter, basket, dispersion screen, and arms for applying pressure - are all stainless steel. The gaskets on both the piston and portafilter spouts are FDA approved silicone, and you'll find no plastic anywhere in this machine. Every Robot is hand built and tested before it leaves the factory, and thanks to the simplicity of its construction you should have no problem with maintenance should the need ever arise.

robot standard how to use

How To Use Your Robot

    1. Start heating your water to a boil and grind your coffee to an appropriate espresso fineness.
    2. Dose, level, and tamp your ground coffee into the basket, setting the dispersion screen on top of your puck once it's tamped.
    3. Pour water directly off the boil into the basket.
    4. Raise the arms and lock the portafilter in, then get your cup or shot glass positioned underneath.
    5. Begin your extraction by lowering the arms. You should feel more resistance as you apply more pressure.
    6. For pre-infusion: apply gentle pressure until you get the first few drops out of the basket
    7. Increase the pressure on the arms for the duration of your extraction. Cafelat recommends applying around 40 lbs (18 kg) of pressure to reach 7-8 bars of pressure.
    8. Release the pressure on the arms to stop your shot.
    9. After extraction: raise the arms again to remove the portafilter. Knock out the puck, tidy the basket and dispersion screen, and wipe down the bottom of the piston.
    10. Enjoy!

"The machine is beautifully designed and built: very solid construction. I will be using this machine for a very long time."

5 stars icon

-Peter, Verified Buyer

"Fanstastic espresso machine. Was surprised at the quality of my shots right out away, and have been fine tuning delicious shots every morning."

5 stars icon

-Danny, Verified Buyer

"What an enjoyable experience making espresso at home with such a simple device."

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-Michael, Verified Buyer


    Capable of true 9 bar extractions


    Steel portafilter, basket, and dispersion screen


    Basket holds up to 25 g of coffee comfortably


    Steel tamper included

More Features

Manual espresso maker

Retro aesthetic with fun color options

Detachable portafilter spouts with silicone 0-ring seal

Requires source for hot water

Non-electric - does not heat or steam


Model: Cafelat Robot - Standard Model
Operation: Manual Lever
Boiler Type: No boiler - requires source for hot water
Coffee basket capacity: Up to 25 g
Coffee basket volume: Approx. 145 mL (holds both ground coffee and water)
Coffee basket diameter: 57.5 mm
Height: 12 in | 19 in with arms raised
Width: 10 in
Depth: 6.5 in
Weight: 7.4 lb

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