SOFTSYS38 - Direct Plumbed Softening and Filtration System

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One of the best ways to prolong the life of your machine is to use a water filtration and softening system for the prevention of scale build-up. This water filter system includes everything you'll need to get your direct connect espresso machine hooked up to your water source. We recommend this water filter and softener system for anyone whose water hardness level exceeds 3 grains. If you are unsure of the hardness of your water, you should be able to get details from your local water company or pick up a pack of water hardness test strips at your local hardware store. This particular kit is for those that plan on directly plumbing their machine in to their water line. Make sure that your machine is capable of being directly connected (not a water tank only machine) before purchasing. For an in tank water filter and softener see our In Tank Water Filter and Softener listing.


  • The filter housing is a generic 10" one meaning you won't be tied into an expensive proprietary replacement cartridge.
  • The carbon filter removes odor and taste and filters to 10 microns.
  • The softener removes 15,000 PPM (for 6 grains of hardness will last 143 Gallons, for 12 grains of hardness - 72 Gallons, etc.)
  • The tubing and fittings are John Guest and require no wrenches to install.
  • No trips to the hardware store, everything you need is included.
  • Machine needs to have an intake hose to be able to connect to the filter


  • 10" Filter Housing (two included, Dimensions: 7' W x 14" H)
  • Filter Mounting Bracket (two included)
  • 10" 10 Micron Carbon Filter
  • 10" Cation Softener 15,000 PPM Rated
  • Filter Housing Wrench
  • John Guest Ball Valves 3/8" (two included)
  • John Guest Fitting 3/8" pipe by 3/8" (four included)
  • Max Adapter 3/8" CP by 3/8" JG
  • John Guest 3/8" Tubing 15'
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