Coffee Blossom Honey - 12 oz jar

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  • Coffee Blossom Honey - 12 oz jar
  • Coffee Blossom Honey - 12 oz jar


In the highlands of the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, Jorge Mendez, and many other coffee farmers, have long relied on bees to pollinate their coffee flowers. When Jorge noticed that the number of bees on his farm began to dwindle, he took up beekeeping to ensure his coffee flowers would continue to be pollinated. Agriculturally, this venture turned out to be an incredible success for Jorge and the farming community as yearly fruit yields, plant health, and uniformity of harvest began to increase. Jorge and his family also realized an opportunity to harvest their honey and offer it up for sale, diversifying their income and producing $10,000 in premiums per harvest. This amazing symbiotic relationship between farmers and bees continues in the Huehuetenango region today, and now we have a unique opportunity to be a part of it.

Coffee flowers from the El Apiario and neighboring Finca Vista Hermosa farms are the primary nectar source for this single origin micro-lot honey. Similar to the coffee grown in this part of the world the honey tastes delicate and smells distinctly floral, with notes of lavender and jasmine up front, and an undertone of cinnamon. This thick, golden honey is 100% raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized - some jars may appear cloudier than others, but this is normal. Available at Prima only for a limited time.

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