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Curtis G4 ThermoPro 1.5 Gallon Twin Coffee Brewer

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Curtis G4 ThermoPro 1.5 Gallon Twin Coffee Brewer
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SKU: G4TP2T10A3100

The Curtis G4TP2T10A3100 twin 1.5 gallon coffee brewer offers you the ability to fine tune your brew. Through the 4.3 inch touchscreen, and icon-driven interface, you can adjust variables such as brewing time, temperature, and volume. Furthermore, this Curtis ThermoPro brewer allows you to change the pre-infusion and pulse brewing.

The G4TP2T10A3100 also provides pre-set, one-touch global recipes that are based on coffee type, grind, and weight for those who might feel overwhelmed with all the options. This also means that right out of the box, you can start to brew delicious coffee.

Other convenient features of this brewer include a self-disagnostic system, hot water spout for instant hot beverages and other hot water needs, and an enhanced recovery circuitry.

The dispensers for this unit are sold separately. You can find the dispenser by following the link to TXSG1501S600, or in the menu once you click the "add to cart" button.

Curtis backs the entire unit with three year warranty on the control board, two year parts warranty on components and fittings, and one year labor warranty on components and fittings.

What's In The Box?

  • Brewer
Manufacturer: Curtis
Model: G4TP2T10A3100
Voltage: 220V
Amps: 23/34.5A
Watts: 5100/7600W
Wiring: 3W+G
Water Connection: 3/8 in. flare
Water Pressure: 20-90 PSI
Min. Water Flow Rate: 2 gal. per minute


Wilbur Curtis is a family-owned commercial coffee brewing equipment manufacturer that was founded in 1941. In our search for a high-volume and temperature controlled hot water tower we came across the Wilbur Curtis Hot Water Tower. This tower has become the standard for many in the specialty coffee industry due to its digital temperature control, 5 gallon capacity, and agitator which keeps the water fresh through aeration.
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