Dreamfarm Grindenstein Knock Box

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Knock Knock"¦

No one enjoys the dirty work of cleaning up after you pull that perfect shot, but Dreamfarm has attempted to make the process a little less mundane with their colorful and compact Grindenstein knockbox. This knock box includes a thick and durable rubber-covered steel knock bar and a compact design (4" tall) that helps clear up some counterspace by allowing the Grindenstein to fit on the drip tray of most home espresso machines.

The Details

  • Durable: The patented shock-absorbing design of the knock bar makes it impossible to break. The knock bar includes a solid steel core wrapped in a rubber sleeve that helps absorb both force and sound.
  • Compact: The Grindenstein is 4" tall and 4" for the bar width. The small design was created to purposefully open up space on your counter and allow for storing it on the drip tray of most home espresso machines.
  • Colorful: The Grindenstein comes in three colors: Charcoal, Fire Truck Red, and Steel Wool. (Choose your color by selecting "Click for Available Options" above.)
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