Elektra Micro Casa a Leva Lever Espresso Machine

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27 lbs
14 in
14 in
23 in


If you want exceptional espresso and a simple machine that makes minimal noise in the morning, then the Elektra Micro Casa a Leva is for you. Lever machines can be finicky, but the Micro Casa's spring lever provides consistent pump pressure, pull after pull.

  • Beautiful finish options: copper/brass, chrome/brass, or chrome
  • Bakelite handles
  • Brass boiler creates dry steam for creating micro foam
  • 10-inch circular base
  • Sight glass indicates water level in boiler
  • Pressure gauge displays boiler pressure
  • Gauge's green zone indicates optimal time to extract espresso
  • Spring piston provides consistent brew pressure
  • Boiler pressure release valve for safe operation
  • 800 watt heating element
  • Internal pressure regulator automatically regulates the temperature
  • Built-in safety thermostat
  • 61-ounce (1.8-liter) boiler
  • 49-millimeter filter basket

One year parts and labor warranty limited to manufacturer's defect.


Manufacturer: Elektra
Model: ART.S1
Width: 10"
Depth: 10"
Height: 19"
Voltage: 110 volts
Amperage: 15 amps
Weight: 27 lbs
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8/30/2015 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Beautiful Machine

Elektra MCL is definitely a beautiful machine no matter which finish you pick. The brass brings out an interesting contrast but has some downsides: 1) Easier to tarnish 2) Areas exposed to water will appear tarnish even faster However, the machine excellent. A last bit of warning, this machine is definitely not for beginner espresso and cappuccino baristas. Unless you get your grind consistency, and tamping techniques refined on a cheaper semi-automatic, you won't be pulling great shots for awhile. I strongly recommend any beginner or people new to lever machines to check out some of the great guides out there.

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