Everpure Claris Prime Filter Cartridge

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Sometimes called 'reverse osmosis in a bottle', Everpure's Claris Prime cartridge addresses most of the same problems as a full reverse osmosis system, but in a compact package. Claris Prime is an ideal solution when the up-front costs of reverse osmosis are too high, or there is not enough space. Claris Prime is a multi-stage cartridge that utilizes both weak-acid-based and strong-acid-based resins to reduce alkalinity and chloride, all while leaving Ca and Mg in tact. Best for water with TDS made up of 2/3 or more bicarbonate content and silica levels below 8ppm. Claris Prime combines its ion-exchange technology with scale inhibition by adding a small amount of phosphates to the water, which essentially lubricate the mineral content to prevent scaling. This allows some flexibility for water blending with the Claris Gen2 Head's bypass valve, balancing PH, and at the same time preventing minerals from forming scale inside of steel boilers and ice machines. Keep in mind that this cartridge should be replaced approximately every 1200 gallons when used for coffee/espresso. Though more expensive up front, reverse osmosis systems will pay themselves off over time because of their far greater efficiency. If purchasing Claris Prime for the first time this cartridge should be paired with the Claris Gen2 3/8" NPT Head.

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