OPEN BOX - NEW | Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis System with Mineral Addition and Water Blending (200 Gallons per day)

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Optimal Water For Any Application

Water makes up over 98% of coffee, so high-quality water is essential to any coffee business. The Everpure Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis System with Mineral Addition and Water Blending system ensures that your water falls within your specified standards, removes unwanted contaminants (such as chlorine), and keeps total dissolved solids (TDS) at stable levels to protect your coffee brewers, espresso machines, and water taps. The Everpure EZ-RO system will also add a small amount of magnesium and calcium back into your water to neutralize pH levels and deliver the best water possible for all of your brewing needs and is capable of processing 200 gallons of water per day. An Integrated blending valve and TDS monitor allows the user to build TDS beyond what the mineral addition cartridge provides for customized water. This all-in-one bundle makes installation and dialing in mineralization to reach preffered flavors. Due to the Everpure EZ-RO system being modular, you can upgrade your storage tank at any time without dealing with reinstallation or worrying about purchasing a new processor. When purchasing the Everpure EZ-RO system, you can choose between a 2, 5, 10, and 16 gallon storage tank depending on your needs, and this system can easily be mounted under your bar or on the wall, and everything that is needed for installation is provided.

What's in the Box

  • Everpure EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis System with Mineral Addition and Water Blending Processor
  • Storage Tank
  • Cartridges
  • Water Lines & Fittings
  • User & Installation Manuals


  • Water recovery rate (efficiency) of 50%
  • All-in-one bundle with full installation kit
  • Modular design can be wall mounted or kept behind a counter
  • Mineral addition stage adds calcium and magnesium for the best coffee flavor
  • Prefiltration cartridge addresses sediment, chlorine and off tastes and odors
  • RO membrane removes over 97% of dissolved solids
  • Integrated blending valve and TDS monitor
  • Modular system that allows for larger or smaller tanks
  • Integrated blending valve and TDS monitor


Manufacturer: Everpure
Model: EZ-RO Reverse Osmosis System With Mineral Addition and Water Blending (200 Gallons)
Product Dimensions: 16.6”(H) x 18”(W) x 8”(D)
Product Weight: 40.5lbs (18.4 kg)
Daily Production Rate: 200 gal/day
Connections: Inlet: 3/8" push-to-connect | Outlet: 1/2" OD push-to-connect
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