Fetco CBS-1221 Plus Airpot Brewer

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The Fetco CBS-1221 Plus (available in 120V or dual voltage 120/220V) airpot brewer is perfect for mid- to high-volume cafes that don't require control over such variables as bloom and pulses. The CBS-1221 comes factory pre-set for 2.5L batches, but the three batch-size programs, configurable through a simple interface, allow for customized batch sizes that fit 1.9 pour pots, 1.9L and 3L airpots, and other dispensers, and its large, 2.66-gallon tank, laser welded for ultra-precise seams, is capable of back-to-back brewing with little-to-no recovery time between batches.

The CBS-1221 comes fitted with Fetco's lime-scale resistant Cascading Spray Dome® (CSD), which saturates every area of the brew bed, resulting in an evenly extracted coffee. In addition, this brewer features a safety sensor that keeps hot water from discharging when the basket is removed and a USB port that enables uploading or downloading recipes, an especially useful tool for cafes with multiple locations.

The 3.5oz (100g) metal basket accommodates Fetco 008 (10 5/8" x 4 1/2") filters.


Model: CBS-1121 Plus
Height: 26"
Width: 9.25"
Depth: 22.25"
Filled Weight: 52 lbs.
Tank: 2.66 gallons
Output: 85 cups (12oz) per hour
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