Fetco CBS-1131-V+ Single Station 1 Gallon Coffee Brewer

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If you are looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly hot beverage dispenser that is a great option for self-service environments or your specialty coffee shop, we recommend the Fetco Single Station 1.0 Gallon Extractor CBS-1131-V+ Series Coffee Brewer. The Cascading Spray Dome technology consistently creates balanced, fresh coffee by allowing water to flow over the surface of the dome rather than forcing the water to flow through tiny drain holes. This completely saturates the coffee bed when brewing which allows for even extraction. The patented CSD hardware also eliminates lime buildup on the spray head which in turn lowers operating costs and lessens service calls. It's a win-win!

Combined with CSD, the easy-to-use touchpad, fully equipped with an active LCD screen display and built-in LED lighting for each batch button, provides ample control through each step of the brewing process. The CBS-1131-V+ also comes standard with programmable extraction controls allowing you to customize brew time, brew volume, and drip delay so you can set parameters to dial in brews to taste their very best.

With its mixed material construction and stainless steel finish, the CBS-1131-V+ brewer creates a sleek and high-quality experience for every coffee-lover. Designed with reliability and a small footprint in mind, this low-profile brewer is the ideal choice to meet everyone's coffee needs while maximizing your counterspace.

We recommend pairing this brewer with a durable thermal server like the Fetco L4S-10 - Luxus 1 Gallon Thermal Coffee Dispenser (sold separately). Equipped with a digital display that includes a freshness timer and volume indicator, and a stainless steel vacuum liner, this dispenser provides optimum heat and flavor retention. The built-in carry handle will assure safe transportation to any location, and combined with a Fetco Serving Station (sold separately), you will be able to serve your coffee with convenience and ease. Dispenser and serving station options, as well as brew baskets and filter options, are available as add-on items.

Interested in a simple dispenser? The CBS-1131-V+ also pairs perfectly with the Fetco D063 - 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Lined Lever Airpot.

What's in the Box

  • Brewer
  • Plastic Brew Basket


  • Produces over 120 cups of coffee per hour.**
  • Pulse Brew capability
  • Touchpad with LED lighting and LCD active display screen creates simplified programming and batch identification
  • Cascading Spray Dome eliminates spray head lime buildup and increases product reliability
  • Manual hot water faucet that safely dispenses hot water away from the brew baskets
  • Durable plastic brew baskets with removable colored inserts (sold separately) and a built-in counter stand make for easy brew prep
  • Attractive stainless steel finish increases durability and decreases cleaning time

**Dependent on the heating configuration of the brewer


Manufacturer: Fetco Fetco Fetco Fetco
Model: CBS-1131-V+ CBS-1132-V+ CBS-1151-V+ CBS-1152-V+
Stations: 1 2 1 2
Width: 11 3/4 in 19 3/4 in 12 3/4 in 21 3/4 in
Depth: 20 1/3 in 20 1/3 in 22 3/4 in 22 3/4 in
Height: 27 3/4 in 27 3/4 in 37 in 37 in
Empty Weight: 29 lbs 47 lbs 53 lbs 77 lbs
Hot Water Tank Capacity: 3.5 gallons 6.4 gallons 6.3 gallons 11.5 gallons
Electrical Configurations
Model Configuration Code Gallons Per Hour (Liters) Voltage Electrical Connection Amp Draw Heater Configuration
CBS-1131-V+ E113153 3.9 (14.8) 100"“120v NEMA 5-15P 13.0 1 x 1.5kW
E113151 5.8 (22.0) 100"“120v NEMA 5-20P 19.7 1 x 2.3kW
E113157 7.7 (29.1) 200"“240v NEMA 6-15P 13.0 1 x 3.0kW
CBS-1132-V+ E113251 11.5 (43.5) 200-240V Terminal Block 19.7 2 x 2.3kW
E113252 14.0 (53.0) 200-240v Terminal Block 25.5 2 x 3.0kW
CBS-1151-V+ E115151 15.3 (58.0) 208-240v Terminal Block 22.4"“25.8 2 x 3.0kW
CBS-1152-V+ E115251 15.3 (58.0) 208-240v\1 phase Terminal Block** 22.4"“25.8 2 x 3.0kW
22.5 (85.0) 208-240v\3 phase Terminal Block** 19.5"“22.5 3 x 3.0kW
E115252 25.3 (97.0) 208-240v\1 phase Terminal Block** 36.9"“42.5 2 x 5.0kW
38.3 (145.0) 208-240v\3 phase Terminal Block** 36.0"“36.9 3 x 5.0kW

**Sold configured for single phase 2 wire plus ground. Unit is field configurable for 3 phase, 3 heater.

California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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