Flair Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker

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  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Black
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Black with Bag
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Chrome
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, White
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, All Accessories
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Tamper
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Bag
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Basket
  • Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker, Pressure Guage


  • What's in the box

  • Flair Pro 2
  • Steel brewing chamber with piston
  • Steel brewing basket with dispersion screen
  • Pressure guage with silicone cover
  • Single spout attachment
  • Drip tray with cover
  • Steel tamper
  • Dosing funnel
  • Dosing cup
  • Silicone preheat cap
  • Base attachment screw with hex wrench
  • Padded carry case
  • Quick start guide
optimized espresso experience

Optimized Espresso Experience

The Flair Signature Pro 2 Manual Espresso Maker provides its users with an optimized shot-pulling experience. It’s composed of parts and accessories that bring additional ease to making quality espresso. Made of high-quality, durable material, the Flair Pro 2 is crafted of mostly metal parts and features a steel brewing chamber. The handle is fitted with a silicone grip that provides extra comfort when pulling a shot. The pressure gauge, also coated in silicone, allows the user to see exactly how much pressure is being applied to ensure consistency. In addition to its convenient features, this lever machine comes with extra accessories like a dosing cup, tamper, and pre-heating cap, and carrying case.

freedom to experiment

Freedom to Experiment

Being a standard lever machine, the Flair puts the quality of the shot in your hands. Easily capable of producing true 9 bar lever espresso, the ability to experiment is limitless. The attached gauge promotes consistency so that producing the perfect shot doesn’t have to be done by “feel” alone. Different coffees have unique qualities that shine through under different conditions. With the Flair Signature Pro 2, the user can produce espresso that enhances the unique flavor notes and aromas by manipulating the amount of pressure being applied and the time span in which the shot is pulled. It should also be noted that the base of the two piece drip tray is wide enough to accommodate the Acaia Lunar Scale.

espresso on the go

Espresso on the Go

The Flair Signature Pro 2 is one of the most travel-friendly espresso makers on the market. It easily breaks down and fits into its cushioned carrying case that can be toted around by the convenient handle. Weighing just above 2 pounds, it is also small and light enough to comfortably fit into luggage for those longer trips. The Flair, paired with a high-quality hand grinder and a compact kettle, gives you the freedom to make cafe-quality espresso anywhere you wish!

"Watched a few reviews before purchasing, so knew it would pull a great shot. Love the construction, quality of materials and portability - the carrying case is a fantastic touch!"

5 stars icon

—Dan, Verified Reviewer

"I've own a Flair for almost 3 years now. I've used the classic, signature, pro 1, and pro 2. Flair has done a great job of making a quality product that will last a long time."

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-Nathan, Verified Reviewer

"The Flair is extremely well-made, beautifully designed and easy to use, making my morning espresso experience a source of joy!"

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    High quality stainless steel brewing chamber and basket


    Pressure gauge attachment


    Custom padded carry case for storage and travel


    Includes steel tamper, dosing funnel, dosing cup, and preheat cap

More Features

Convenient and portable espresso maker

Pulls true 9 bar espresso

Basket holds about 16-20 gram doses

Pull bottomless or with the included single spout attachment

Padded handle for extra comfort

Removable two-piece drip tray

5 year manufacturer warranty


Operation: Manual Lever
Boiler Type: No boiler—requires source for hot water
Coffee basket capacity: About 16–20 g
Coffee basket diameter: 45.5 mm
Height: 10.5 in | 20 in with lever raised
Width: 6.2 in
Depth: 12.5 in
Weight: 2.3 lbs
Quick Start Guide

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