Woodneck Pour Over Coffee Drip Pot

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  • Hario Coffee Woodneck Drip Pot 480 ml
  • Hario Coffee Woodneck Drip Pot 480 ml
  • Hario Coffee Woodneck Drip Pot 480 ml
  • Hario Coffee Woodneck Drip Pot 480 ml


Hario is a Japanese glass company specializing in manual coffee brewing equipment. Riding the new found American interest in specialty coffee and manual brewing methods, Hario has provided a range of unique coffee brewing products. The Hario Woodneck Drip Pot is a prime example of what Hario has to offer in its craftsmanship and elegance. The Woodneck Drip Pot makes use of cloth filters, and as such, is a green alternative to other brewing methods that make use of paper filters. The cloth filter also eliminates any paper taste caused by paper filters, providing a clean brew with a delicate body.

Recommended starting parameters:

  • 21-27 grams of coffee - medium-fine grind
  • 350-450 milliliters of water
  • 200-205 degrees
  • 2:45-3:15 brew time


  • Manual, pour-over coffee brewer.
  • Brews one to three cups at a time. (3 Cups = 480mL)
  • Hario drip pot comes as a complete set, including a cloth filter, holder, and serving pot all in one. An additional 3-pack of Hario Woodneck Cloth Filters can be selected in the available options above.
  • Removable wooden collar is attached to the neck by a decorative brown leather strap, used to insulate fingers when pouring.
  • "Sock" style cloth filter gives a unique, clean quality to the cup brewed.
  • Hands-on brewing allows you, the user, to control brewing time and temperature.
  • Use the Hario Buono Kettle for an ideal Pour Over Brew.
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