Hario Paper Filter Holder for Siphons - with 50 Filters

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This paper filter holder will fit most Hario siphon brewers, and is designed to hold the CF-103E paper filters. Paper filters will add even more clarity to your siphon brews, while preserving much of the body that you know and love from a siphon brew. To use the filter holder, simply unscrew the top and bottom parts, add your paper filter and screw the pieces back into place. We advise pre-wetting the paper filter after it's loaded into the filter holder - this helps reduce any papery taste present. The filter holder has the spring-lock chain you'll see on most siphon filters, which easily locks onto the bottom of the siphon tube to give you a good seal and keep the grounds out of your brew. This filter assembly is not recommended for use with 3 cup siphons.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with 5 and 8 cup siphon brewers
  • Comes with 50 unbleached paper siphon filters
  • Spring-lock design keeps the filter holder snug against the glass for a clean drawdown
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1/12/2020 2:27:28 AM

5 / 5 stars


Love this thing. So much easier than cloth and much cleaner cup of coffee then metal filters. I hate muddy cofee and this thing is so easy to use. Don't forget to buy some extra filters. I did. By the way, I used this on a Bodum Pebo 8 cup syphon maker and it fits and works fine.

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2/15/2019 3:05:03 PM

5 / 5 stars

Good service

Good service

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