Hario Copper V60 Coffee Dripper Size 02

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The very same Hario V60 brewer that won over the hearts and minds of the coffee industry is now available in beautiful copper and brass. You know and love the form and function of the V60, with its ability to precisely brew a great cup of coffee using a distinctive cone shape and deep side ridges. With this stunning copper V60 cone, you and your excellent brews will be the envy of the coffee cognoscenti. The dripper is made of solid copper, with an interior plated with nickel, and features a handle made of brass - this is the V60 made classy. Like all size 02 Hario V60 brewers, this size is built to brew up to 1 liter of coffee, suitable to serve 1-4 people. Be sure to take a peek at the Hario Copper Buono Pouring Kettle listing to complete the set!


  • Perfect for brewing fresh coffee in 3-4 minutes for yourself or for some friends.
  • Takes the V60 Size 02 white paper filters or the V60 Size 02 brown paper filters (can be added from options above).
  • Pour-over brewing allows you to brew the coffee directly into a server or cup.
  • Unique design leads to a uniform brew.
  • Manual brewing allows you, the user, to control brewing time and temperature.
  • Made of solid copper and brass, interior plated with nickel.
  • Clear-coated to prevent tarnishing.
  • Made in Japan.


  • Bright copper and nickel finishes make for an attractive showpiece.
  • Copper material conducts heat evenly through the dripper.
  • Body is made of solid copper with a brass handle.
  • Nickel-plated interior.
  • Clear coated to prevent tarnishing.
  • Hand wash only with non-abrasive cleaning products.
  • Product is not dishwasher safe.
  • Matches with the Hario Buono Copper Pouring Kettle.
4.25 stars, based on 4 reviews

Verified Buyer Verified Reviewer

3/28/2020 2:36:40 AM

5 / 5 stars

Best dripper on the market!

I bought this to replace my ceramic Hario dripper that I chipped. Couldn’t be happier! Looks really cool and now I don’t have to worry about dropping it since it is made of metal. Prima coffee had a great price and shipping was quick. Will purchase from them again!

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Verified Buyer

12/3/2016 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Hario copper V60 coffee dropper size 02

Very pleased with both copper dripper and pour over kettle. Also purchased a Baratza grinder and glass coffee pot. All are very good and make the difference between great and average coffee.

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Verified Buyer

5/11/2015 12:00:00 AM

5 / 5 stars

Beauty and Brians

Not only does this look absolutely beautiful, it is also going to give you that up front cup of pour over that you get from using a Hario V60 dripper. It's also nice and heavy and sturdy, so I know it will be durable.

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Verified Buyer

6/17/2015 12:00:00 AM

2 / 5 stars

Drip and leak?

Within the first 5 times I used my dripper, the dripping coffee started to leak out where the top portion is connection to the flat bottom portion that sits on your mug or carafe. I only used a modest amount of water, so it wasn't from too much water, too fast. Did I get a faulty unit or is this poor design? Don't know, but I do have leakage and will have to find another dripper.

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