HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S Retail Coffee Grinder

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  • HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S Retail Coffee Grinder
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HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S Retail Coffee Grinder
HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S Retail Coffee Grinder

In Good Company

While the name, “HeyCafe” may be newer than many coffee grinders that are currently at the top of the market, it does share a parent company with those very same grinder. Brands like Anfim, Ditting, and perhaps most popularly, Mahlkonig, are all part of the Hemro lineup. This means that when you buy a HeyCafe grinder, you can rest assured that it comes with the same promise of high quality and delivery that the coffee community has come to know and expect from some of the best grinders available. However, the HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S can very much stand on its own in even the busiest environments.

HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S Retail Coffee Grinder

Built To Perform

When examining a new grinder, inspecting the burrs is probably the thing people are most curious about. In the HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S, you’ll find vertical, 84mm flat, hardened steel burrs with a tremendous lifespan of 2200+ pounds. Combine that with a stepless grind adjustment wheel for precision grinding from espresso all the way up to cold brew ranges and a high-power motor, and the end result is a robust and reliable grinder suitable for the highest volume cafes and roasteries. The HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S, with its integrated chute clamp and knocker, is also suitable for grinding into small bags and single-dosing, making it incredibly versatile.

HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S Retail Coffee Grinder

Simple, Yet Elegant Form Factor

However well a coffee grinder performs, aesthetics are always going to play a part in choosing which machine suits your environment. The HeyCafe HC-880 Lab S comes in black, silver, and white colorways in order to fit your specific surroundings. Directly above the grounds chute, you’ll find a simple, easy-to-read adjustment dial with corresponding grind settings, so you’ll never have to guess where you last set your grinder or waste valuable time and coffee to dial in for your desired brewing style. Finally, the HC-880 Lab S’ metal housing can be easily removed for quick and simple cleaning and maintenance: a very welcome feature not often seen on commercial grinders.


    84mm flat, hardened steel burrs


    Grinds from espresso to cold brew


    Stepless grind adjustment wheel


    Removable metal housing for easy maintenance

More Features

Grinds up to 450 grams (1lb) per minute

Capable of grinding for bags or single-dosing

High-performance motor for busy environments

Multi-purpose chute with clamp & knocker

Multiple color options avialble


Manufacturer: HeyCafe
Model: HC-880 Lab S
Burrs Size | Shape: 84mm | Flat
Burr Material: Hardened Steel
Burr Lifespan: 2200+lbs
Hopper Capacity: 2.2lbs
Grind Speed: 450g/minute
Product Dimensions: 13.71”(D) x 7.08”(W) x 23”(H)
Product Weight: 50.7lbs (23 kg)
Power: 110v/550w/60hz
Duty Cycle: 50% - up to 33lbs per hour

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